The Selection procedure

The selection procedure includes the following steps:

After publication of the vacancy notice, the Appointing Authority of the GSA sets up the Selection Board. HR verifies the applications against the eligibility criteria as listed in the vacancy notice.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • minimum qualifications required for the position. Examples of qualifications corresponding, in principle, to those required by the vacancy notices are available here
  • appropriate professional experience (if applicable) - only the professional experience acquired after achieving the completed university studies will be considered. As indicated in the vacancy, professional experience overlapping with required university studies will not be considered. A given period may be counted only once.
  • requirements in line with Article 12 and 82 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants

The eligible applicants admitted to the next phase of the selection procedure will be assessed by the Selection Board against the selection criteria indicated in the vacancy notice. On the basis of this assessment, the Selection Board will draw up a list of short-listed candidates to be invited for an interview and written test.

Candidates are recommended to prepare carefully for the interview:

  • Get familiar with the GSA’s mission and tasks
  • Read the vacancy notice carefully and think of examples where they have performed tasks similar to those described and have demonstrated the required competencies
  • The structure of the examples should be: Situation, Action, Result
  • Examples should possibly include the positive outcome or lesson learned from each experience

For the preparation of the written test candidates should consider the skills indicated in the job description, the essential and advantageous criteria listed in the vacancy notice.

On the basis of the outcome of the interview and written test, the Selection Board will recommend a list of successful candidates to the Appointing Authority. The Appointing Authority takes the decision to appoint the successful candidate(s).

Candidates who attended the selection procedure will be informed of the outcome and whether they have been placed on the reserve list. Inclusion on the reserve list doesn’t guarantee employment.

Updated: Apr 05, 2019