Fundamental Elements Info Day

Call: Development of a Galileo-based timing receiver for critical infrastructures

 Fundamental Elements Info Day, 14 March 2018, Prague

The European GNSS Agency hosted the second Fundamental Elements Info Day at its headquarters in Prague on March 14, 2018. The Info Day focused on upcoming FE funding opportunities, as well as providing an update on the status of the programme.

Presentations of the Info Day

Development of a Galileo-based timing receiver for critical infrastructures

Market segment: Timing and Synchronisation

Deadline for submission of tenders: Extended to 13 April 2018

EU budget: EUR 3.50 mln

Maximum number of projects: 2

Indicative EU financing amount for each of the two projects: EUR 1.750.000 (70% co-funding)

To apply please click here

Proposals should aim at defining the user’s and timing receiver requirements, designing, developing, testing and validation of the prototype with simulated and real data scenarios.

On 11 January 2018, a webinar on Fundamental Elements[1] Call “Development of a Galileo-based timing receiver for critical infrastructures” was held to provide applicants with additional details on the proposal preparation.

Here  below you can find the resources shared during the Webinar: 

PowerPoint presentation

Recording of the Webinar

Call for proposal publication 

We have collected all the questions submitted, the clarifications can be found here.

[1]Fundamental Elements projects aim to develop market-ready chipsets, receivers and antennas. The markets targeted by these end-products comprise, in varying proportions, end-users from all segments, including: Aviation, LBS, Agriculture, Surveying, Rail, Road, Maritime, Timing and Synchronisation and PRS.

Precise Timing & Synchronisation (T&S) is crucial to a range of strategic activities. Applications of GNSS T&S include but are not limited to telecommunications and computer networks, energy generation and distribution, finance or other governmental functionalities. All these applications use Critical Infrastructures (CI) with different accuracy requirements that are essential for maintaining such vital societal functions as health, safety, economic and social well‐being of people.

With the growing Galileo constellation and the declaration of Initial Services, the availability of Galileo T&S solutions is of strategic importance.

Updated: Apr 09, 2018