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  • The scope of this procurement is the development of a common technology multi-frequency antenna for Galileo professional users in order to enable the possibility of using the same type of antennas in different professional applications. Currently the GNSS antennas are designed on a case-by-case basis for specific applications and therefore lack the technological versatility to be...

    • Agriculture
    • Aviation
    • Awareness raising / Capacity building
    • Chipsets and Receivers
    • Maritime
    • Search and Rescue
    • Mapping & Surveying
    • Mobility & Smart Cities
    • Location Based Services (LBS)
    • Internet of Things
    • Rail
    • Road
    • Security
    • Public Regulated Service (PRS)
    • Timing & Synchronisation (T&S)
    • International cooperation
    • GNSS market and technology monitoring
    • Other professional applications
  • Segment
    • Aviation
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