Press Releases

21 September 2018
Since the launch of Initial Services in December 2016, Galileo has been providing more and more users with global positioning, navigation and timing information. Behind this increase in use is the wide array of Galileo-enabled devices and services that have entered the market – including over 60 smartphone models in the past two years. Furthermore, as of April, all new types of cars sold in the EU must be equipped with Galileo as required by the eCall regulation. Galileo is also being increasingly used in drones to ensure smooth navigation and in Search and Rescue operations to save lives.
04 September 2018
Agriculture and Space Day, which is to take place in the garden of the Belgian Natural Science Museum in Brussels from 12:00 to 14:30 on September 5, will showcase how Europe’s space programme is revolutionising agricultural production, making it more efficient and reducing the environmental impact of the sector.   
26 July 2018
Four new Galileo satellites were successfully launched from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on July 25, bringing the constellation to a total of 26 satellites, thereby enabling the provision of a more precise signal across a range of services.
26 July 2018
Following the April 1 entry into force of the European eCall regulation, requiring all new car and light van types sold in the EU to be fitted with the emergency systems, Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo Cars has taken the lead as the first car-maker to equip its vehicles with eCall, which takes advantage of the precise positioning offered by European GNSS - EGNOS and Galileo - to quickly alert emergency services in the event of a road accident.
16 May 2018
The Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), the new state-of-the-art performance monitoring hub for the EU’s global satellite navigation system, was officially inaugurated today in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. The ceremony was presided by Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and European GNSS Agency (GSA) Executive Director Carlo des Dorides, among others.
07 December 2017
Pražské sídlo Agentury pro evropský globální družicový navigační systém (GSA) se ve dnech 8. – 9. prosince 2017 již potřetí otevírá pro veřejnost. Bude to první Den otevřených dveří od okamžiku, kdy GSA letos převzala provozní řízení evropského systému Galileo poskytujícího globální družicové navigační služby. Široké veřejnosti se tak nabízí jedinečná příležitost nahlédnout do centra Evropských globálních družicových navigačních systémů (EGNSS) a seznámit se s lidmi, kteří je řídí.
23 May 2017
When MOTIT, a Barcelona-based electric scooter sharing service that lets users pick up and drop off vehicles wherever and whenever they want, needed a more precise positioning solution, they turned to the European GNSS Agency (GSA).
23 May 2017
Praha, 23. května 2017 – Když průkopnická barcelonská služba MOTIT, jež umož - ňuje uživatelům sdílet elektrické skútry tím způsobem, že si je mohou vypůjčit a po jízdě zase zanechat k dispozici dalším uživatelům ve městě kdykoliv a kdekoliv, potřebovala přesnější lokalizační řešení, obrátila se na Agenturu pro evropský GNSS (GSA) a na evropský navigační systém Galileo.
10 May 2017
Although GNSS is widely used by non-safety relevant Rail applications, its use in safety- relevant applications represent an emerging opportunity. For example, GNSS-enabled signalling applications provide increased safety and reduce the costs of infrastructure management and operations compared to legacy signalling solutions. According to the 5th edition of the GSA’s popular GNSS Market Report, it is this need to increase safety and lower costs that drives GNSS growth in the Rail segment.
10 May 2017
The global GNSS market is expected to grow from 5.8 billion devices in use in 2017 to an estimated 8 billion by 2020. Today, nearly 3 billion mobile applications already rely on GNSS-based positioning information, including smartphones, tablets, tracking devices, digital cameras, portable computers and fitness gear. According to the 5th edition of the GSA’s popular GNSS Market Report, the extraordinary growth of GNSS in the LBS segment is set to continue.