Autonomous truck

Precise and robust positioning for automated road transportation

04 May 2018
The Horizon 2020 funded PRoPART project is developing an enhanced Real Time Kinematic (RTK) software solution for automated vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems. To do this, project researchers are combining some of Galileo’s distinguishing features with other positioning and sensor technologies.
The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is a way to transform your idea into a commercial solution.

Partner up with the Galileo Masters

03 May 2018
Galileo Masters, or the European Satellite Navigation Competition, is seeking partners ready to play an integral part in building tomorrow’s innovative GNSS applications and services.
Per K. Enge, 1953-2018

Remembering Per Enge, a leading light in the GNSS community

02 May 2018
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) joins the international GNSS community in remembering Professor Per Kristian Enge, a friend and colleague who inspired many Europeans as one of the world’s foremost experts in GNSS technologies.
GSA Executive Director Carlo des Dorides talks about the mainstreaming of space services

Galileo’s progress aligns with “Space in the Mainstream” theme at 2018 Space Generation Fusion Forum

25 April 2018
As Galileo moves closer to full services, an international group of young professionals gathered to discuss how space has entered the mainstream in our daily culture.

GNSS: addressing the challenges of Arctic navigation

24 April 2018
Participants in the Challenges in Arctic Navigation workshop in Olos, Muonio, Finland on April 16-18 discussed how GNSS can address some of the difficulties posed by navigation in the Arctic, in addition to how satellite navigation itself can be improved in the region, which is also a challenging environment for GNSS.
ENAV flight inspection aircraft used in BLUEGNSS project ©ENAV S.p.A.

BLUEGNSS accelerates 3D GNSS approach implementation

13 April 2018
The GSA-funded BLUEGNSS project (Promoting EGNSS Operational Adoption in BLUEMED) was launched in 2016 with the aim of promoting the adoption of European GNSS in the BLUEMED Functional Airspace Block. Preliminary results, presented at the World ATM Congress in Madrid on March 6, show significant gains in safety and airport accessibility in the target countries.

GSA sets challenges for ActInSpace participants

10 April 2018
On May 25-26 the ActInSpace innovation contest will bring entrepreneurs, students, job seekers, developers and creative minds together in over 60 cities across 5 continents to work on real-life challenges and to design innovative services and applications using space technologies and data. This year the European GNSS Agency (GSA) has set three challenges in the contest.
The Fundamental Elements funded PATROL project is an important milestone for the satellite navigation industry, as it aims to prove the importance of Galileo OS authentication.

A new generation of OS-NMA user terminals

09 April 2018
The GSA has awarded the PATROL project a contract to develop, supply and test Galileo’s Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OS NMA).
Galileo Initial Open Service and SAR Service performance figures exceed Minimum Performance Level targets in Q4.

Fourth SAR/Galileo IS Quarterly Performance Report available

06 April 2018
The last SAR/Galileo Initial Service Quarterly Performance Report of 2017 (from October to December) has been published in the Performance Reports section of the GSC web portal.
askforce experts will explain how to use GNSS raw measurements for scientific purposes, to optimise performance, or to improve robustness

GSA to host GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop “GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use” on May 30

04 April 2018
Following the publication of the White Paper Using GNSS Raw Measurements on Android Devices, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the Raw Measurements Taskforce will share their experiences around the use of raw measurements at a dedicated workshop - GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use” - to be held at the GSA headquarters in Prague on May 30.

eCall emergency alert system launched

03 April 2018
As of 31 March 2018, all new car and light van models sold in the EU have to be fitted with eCall devices that automatically alert rescue services in the event of an accident, sending their position. The aim of the system is to reduce the emergency response time for road accidents and to save lives.
The growing importance of drones was on full display during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where the GSA highlighted a number of innovative drone applications that utilise EGNOS and Galileo.

EGNOS and Galileo – opening the door to new drone applications

29 March 2018
With European GNSS providing the positioning accuracy that drones need to operate safely, more and more drone-based applications are hitting the market. The GSA highlighted a number of these innovative services during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Galileo Initial Open Service performance figures exceed Minimum Performance Level targets in Q4

Fourth Galileo IS OS Quarterly Performance Report available

28 March 2018
The last Open Service Quarterly Performance Report of 2017 (from October to December) has been published in the Performance Reports section of the GSC web portal.

GSA supporting development of all PRS user segments

27 March 2018
Deployment of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) has been ongoing in recent years and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) has been actively contributing to the development of all user segments to ensure the widespread uptake of the service. GSA PRS Service Manager Charles Villie gave participants in the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit on March 7 a status update on the Galileo PRS and outlined plans for the future.

End of EOP for Galileo satellite quartet

26 March 2018
The four Galileo satellites launched on December 12 have successfully transitioned from Early Orbit Phase to In Orbit Testing.