The enhanced UseGalileo site is another example of how the GSA is keeping the user at the centre of European GNSS.

Enhanced UseGalileo site offers a more tailored experience

21 September 2018
To keep up with the increasing interest in Galileo and the many new Galileo-enabled devices and services coming onto the market, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) launched an enhanced version of its popular site.
At ITS World Congress 2018, the GSA will present innovations that leverage space technology to make Europe’s roads smarter, greener and safer

Space-driven innovation for safer roads at ITS 2018

14 September 2018
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is joining with other stakeholders to present the eCall emergency response system and other innovations that leverage space technology to make Europe’s roads smarter, greener and safer, at the ITS World Congress 2018, in the Bella Centre in Copenhagen on 18 September.
Although the GSA GNSS User Technology Report won’t be officially launched until ION GNSS+, you can already reserve your free copy today.

Coming soon: the 2018 GSA GNSS User Technology Report

11 September 2018
Ready to take the pulse of the GNSS user technology industry? Want to get an inside view on how the latest trends are changing the market? Then sign up today to be one of the first to download a free copy of the GSA’s GNSS User Technology Report – Issue 2.
MEP Franc Bogovič, COPA-COGECA Secretary General Pekka Pesonen and GSA Executive Director Carlo des Dorides at Agriculture and Space Day in Brussels.

Agriculture and Space: The journey from field to fork

07 September 2018
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) joined COPA-COGECA, the organisation that represents European farmers and agricultural cooperatives, at Agriculture and Space Day on September 5 in Brussels. It was a chance not just to discuss the benefits of space for agriculture, but also an opportunity to see the technology, from GNSS-guided tractors to drones.
REAL RPAS ready for scenario testing at ATLAS

Getting REAL with drones

06 September 2018
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as drones, have the potential to develop a wide range of applications for the benefit of society. It is estimated that within the next 20 years the European drone sector could employ more than 100 000 people directly and have an economic impact exceeding EUR 10 billion per year.
The EU Space Programmes provide the innovative solutions needed to optimise Europe’s agricultural production.

Agriculture a key beneficiary of EU Space Programmes

29 August 2018
Agriculture is one of the main sectors to benefit from synergies between the flagship EU Space Programmes EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus, with European-GNSS and Earth Observation technologies being leveraged to implement the Common Agricultural Policy. Representatives from national Paying Agencies, the European Commission, ESA and the GSA came together in a Learning Network Meeting of Directors of Paying Agencies and Coordinating Bodies, in Brussels on 10 July.
Agriculture and Space Day – showcasing how EU space programmes are revolutionising agriculture

Agriculture and Space Day: Space technology revolutionising agriculture

28 August 2018
Agriculture and Space Day, to be held in Brussels on September 5, will showcase how Europe’s space programme is revolutionising agricultural production, making it more efficient and reducing the environmental impact of the sector.
All four of the satellites launched on July 25 have been transferred from the GSA’s Early Orbit Phase (EOP) team to the Galileo Control Centres (GCC).

New satellites finding their place in the Galileo constellation

27 August 2018
Just over one month ago, four new Galileo satellites were successfully launched from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. A lot has happened since then, as the satellites move towards their final position and prepare for entry into service.
To help ensure that the mapping and surveying community is positioned to take full advantage of all that Galileo has to offer, the GSA and EuroGeographics are holding a free webinar.

Webinar: learn how the surveying community can benefit from Galileo

23 August 2018
To ensure that the mapping and surveying community is taking full advantage of all that Galileo has to offer, the GSA and EuroGeographics are hosting a free webinar on 10 September. Register today!
Android users can download the GPSTest application that will check to see if your phone is currently using Galileo satellites to determine its position.

Test your Android device’s satellite navigation performance

21 August 2018
Use the GPSTest app (or similar) to find out whether your smartphone is benefiting from the increased positioning accuracy that Galileo provides.
The winning start-ups selected in a previous IMPACT Open Call

IMPACT Connected Car second call now open

16 August 2018
The IMPACT Accelerator is offering up to €2.1 million plus acceleration services to the best companies and start-ups in the connected vehicle industry in the second and final open call of its IMPACT Connected Car programme.
To use the system, all one has to do is mount the ARGONAUT multi-constellation receiver onto the drone

Accurate, affordable geo-location for drones

14 August 2018
The ARGONAUT project is making low-cost, high-precision GNSS receivers a viable option for all drone operators.
Much of Galileo’s early success is the result of intense cooperation between the GSA and private GNSS chip and receiver manufacturers and service providers.

EU citizens and businesses already benefiting from Galileo

09 August 2018
Following last week’s successful launch of four new Galileo satellites from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, representatives of leading industry that have adopted Galileo held a special press briefing for journalists from across the Continent.
The event will inform about space opportunities in Horizon 2020 and beyond.

GSA to host H2020 Information Day in Prague

07 August 2018
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the H2020 Space NCP Network COSMOS2020 are organising a Horizon 2020 International Space Information Day and Brokerage Event at the GSA’s Prague headquarters on 11-12 October 2018.
The H2020-SPACE-EGNSS-2019 Call is set to open in October 2018

EGNSS funding opportunities – what’s on offer?

01 August 2018
With four topics under the Horizon 2020 EGNSS MARKET UPTAKE 2019 call for proposals set to open on 16 October 2018, now is a good time to take a look at the many EU R&D funding opportunities that the GNSS community can take advantage of.