askforce experts will explain how to use GNSS raw measurements for scientific purposes, to optimise performance, or to improve robustness

GSA to host GNSS Raw Measurements Taskforce Workshop “GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use” on May 30

04 April 2018
Following the publication of the White Paper Using GNSS Raw Measurements on Android Devices, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and the Raw Measurements Taskforce will share their experiences around the use of raw measurements at a dedicated workshop - GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use” - to be held at the GSA headquarters in Prague on May 30.

eCall emergency alert system launched

03 April 2018
As of 31 March 2018, all new car and light van models sold in the EU have to be fitted with eCall devices that automatically alert rescue services in the event of an accident, sending their position. The aim of the system is to reduce the emergency response time for road accidents and to save lives.
The growing importance of drones was on full display during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where the GSA highlighted a number of innovative drone applications that utilise EGNOS and Galileo.

EGNOS and Galileo – opening the door to new drone applications

29 March 2018
With European GNSS providing the positioning accuracy that drones need to operate safely, more and more drone-based applications are hitting the market. The GSA highlighted a number of these innovative services during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Galileo Initial Open Service performance figures exceed Minimum Performance Level targets in Q4

Fourth Galileo IS OS Quarterly Performance Report available

28 March 2018
The last Open Service Quarterly Performance Report of 2017 (from October to December) has been published in the Performance Reports section of the GSC web portal.

GSA supporting development of all PRS user segments

27 March 2018
Deployment of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) has been ongoing in recent years and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) has been actively contributing to the development of all user segments to ensure the widespread uptake of the service. GSA PRS Service Manager Charles Villie gave participants in the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit on March 7 a status update on the Galileo PRS and outlined plans for the future.

End of EOP for Galileo satellite quartet

26 March 2018
The four Galileo satellites launched on December 12 have successfully transitioned from Early Orbit Phase to In Orbit Testing.
Space offers the possibility for transformative change in agriculture.

Agriculture: A new frontier for European space policy

23 March 2018
Europe’s space policy is already delivering results for businesses and citizens. The European Parliament held a conference on 6 March, on how agriculture is the new frontier. The event was hosted by Eric Andrieu MEP, who is the S&D (The Progressives) co-ordinator for Agriculture and Rural Development.

MWC Report: European GNSS answers the call for solutions

22 March 2018
Whether it is dual frequency chipsets or new smartphones, European GNSS was behind many of the technology announcements made during Mobile World Congress 2018.
The benefits of multi-constellation are driving the adoption of Galileo outside Europe

Exporting Galileo – developing EGNSS markets outside Europe

21 March 2018
The launch of Galileo Initial Services last year has paved the way for new services and applications that can foster the adoption of Galileo in markets outside Europe. Participants at the Munich Satellite Navigation Conference on March 6 discussed support available to European GNSS companies to develop these markets.
The GSA headquarters in Prague hosted the second Fundamental Elements Info Day on March 14

GSA hosts Fundamental Elements Info Day in Prague

20 March 2018
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) hosted the second Fundamental Elements Info Day on March 14, 2018, welcoming 55 participants from 38 organisations to its headquarters in Prague. The info day focused on upcoming FE funding opportunities and provided a status update on the funding programme.
GSA Head of Market Development Gian Gherardo Calini spoke about Galileo’s contribution to autonomous driving

Galileo: a critical component for autonomous driving

19 March 2018
GNSS is just one component of autonomous driving systems, along with other sensors like inertial navigation systems (INS), odometers, radar, cameras, gyroscopes and others. However it is a critical component providing much needed redundancy, according to participants in the Munich Satellite Navigation Conference on March 6.

EGNOS shows the way at 2018 World ATM Congress

15 March 2018
EGNOS and Galileo were at the World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Congress in Madrid from 6 to 8 March to highlight the vital and increasing role of European GNSS (EGNSS) in the aviation sector enabling simplified, safe and integrated ATM for all aircraft from civil airliners to autonomous drones. On 6 March, funding for research, development, innovation and implementation opportunities worth more than €300 million for EGNSS related aviation projects were presented in a special conference session.

GSA funding opportunities: GNSS receiver technologies for premium and general mass markets

13 March 2018
A call for proposals has been opened under the Fundamental Elements funding mechanism, targeting the development of GNSS receiver technologies for premium and general mass markets.

End users the ultimate winners in the Golden Age of GNSS

12 March 2018
The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit opened on March 5 with a discussion about who stands to win from competition and cooperation in satellite navigation. After a lively debate it was decided that, ultimately, the end user will be the winner in what one panellist described as ‘the Golden Age of GNSS.’

Project launched to determine benefits of EGNOS V3 high accuracy service

07 March 2018
The European Commission, with the support of the GSA, is launching the EGNOSHA project to determine under what conditions it would be beneficial to implement an EGNOS high accuracy service in 2020-2035.