India: A high-tech partner for European GNSS

27 July 2017
In this part of our series on GNSS in Asia, we look at the opportunities for European companies within India’s Smart Cities Mission.

Personal tracking devices set to dominate the Location Based Services (LBS) market growth

24 July 2017
Personal tracking devices will soon become the fastest growing market within the LBS sector and the solutions start to use Galileo for enhanced performances.

GNSS: an efficient tool for mapping and surveying

17 July 2017
The GSA discussed the many benefits that European GNSS, and in particular Galileo, bring to the mapping and surveying sector during the EUREF 2017 Symposium in Wroclaw, Poland.

Paris Air Show: Timing is everything

13 July 2017
Precise timing and synchronization (T&S) is crucial for many applications. It plays a vital role in the protection of critical infrastructure, ranging from energy to telecommunications. Galileo provides a unique service to the T&S user community by delivering a free, stable and very accurate time-and-frequency source that is available worldwide.
The EU requires that geospatial data be harmonised across Europe

Galileo helps Europe harmonise geospatial data

11 July 2017
The GSA discussed how Galileo helps the mapping and surveying sector harmonise geospatial data during the EUREF 2017 Symposium in Wroclaw, Poland.

South East Asia a hotspot for European GNSS

06 July 2017
As home to over 600 million inhabitants, many technically skilled experts in the area of satellite technology, and a fast-growing economy, South East Asia is a hotspot for global business – and GNSS is no exception. In fact, thanks to its unique geographic position, where it is able to receive all GNSS signals (and even some EGNOS signals), South East Asia is developing into a regional ‘GNSS Valley’.

GSA comes to the rescue!

04 July 2017
The European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) presented two exciting Galileo ‘search and rescue’ (SAR) projects - GRICAS and HELIOS - at the Paris International Air Show in June.

The GSA takes up its responsibilities for Galileo

03 July 2017
July 1, 2017 is an important date for both the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and for the Galileo programme.

Paris Air Show: ‘We are entering into a new era with new facilities to operate Galileo’

30 June 2017
Paris International Air Show, held in Le Bourget, is the largest air show in the world and the favoured exhibition site of the aviation industry’s top players. The biennial event attracts more than 2,000 exhibitors from around the world, nearly 300 official delegations and 150,000 trade visitors. Even in sweltering temperatures, Bourget was buzzing, with thousands queuing to see the latest aircraft and innovations.

Galileo featured at TechXLR8 show

28 June 2017
TechXLR8 is a major ‘festival’ of technology that celebrates networks, technology and consumer services. As part of London Tech Week 2017 TechXLR8 brought together a portfolio of eight converging technology themes. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) was there to showcase its leading technology enabling role in two of TechXLR8’s strands: connected cars and the internet of things (IoT).

GSA support to helicopter operators presented in the European Parliament

27 June 2017
GSA support aimed at fostering the adoption of EGNOS and Galileo in aviation was presented at a European Helicopter Association (EHA) info day on EU funding opportunities for the helicopter sector, in Brussels on June 6.

#GeoIoTWorld: Awards announced for cutting-edge geolocation innovations

26 June 2017
Geo IoT World (Geo-location – Internet of Things) announces four award winners for innovation in geolocation technologies. GeoIoT is leading the way in showcasing the latest cutting-edge developments in this growth sector. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) sponsored one of the awards for ‘IoT Solutions Empowered by GNSS’.

Galileo project a winner at European Inventor Awards

23 June 2017
A multinational European team, fronted by France’s Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), is among the winners at this year’s European Inventor Awards. Their project, which ensures that satellite signals do not interfere with each other, allows users and developers alike to benefit from the next-generation positioning technology that Galileo offers.

Integrating Galileo into drones gives surveyors a new point of view

22 June 2017
The GSA-funded mapKITE project has created an advanced surveying tool by combining terrestrial mobile mapping systems with Unmanned Aerial System mapping capabilities.

The EU at 60: Space Policy for EU Integration

21 June 2017
This year, Europe celebrated the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome - 25 March 1957 was a seminal moment in European integration. Since then, Europe has developed in many unforeseen ways.