Two new Galileo satellites commissioned

31 May 2017
The European GNSS Agency (GSA), along with the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC), announce the commissioning of two additional Galileo satellites, increasing the total number of satellites available for service provision to 16.

All major manufacturers implementing Galileo-compatible solutions

30 May 2017
GSA Executive Director Carlo des Dorides provides an update on the status of E-GNSS at the 2017 European Navigation Conference (ENC) in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 10 May.

Superlatives abound for Galileo Hackathon 2017

29 May 2017
Satisfaction was in evidence as participants, experts and judges had good things to say about the second Galileo Hackathon in Gdynia.

Hackathon 2017 expands Galileo community

24 May 2017
This year's Galileo Hackathon in Gdynia, Poland, brought together students, graduates, entrepreneurs and a handful of helpful high-level GNSS experts to develop innovative LBS applications exploiting the new level of accuracy made possible by Galileo.

Galileo helps cities mobility company expand

23 May 2017
Thanks to the market insight and funding provided by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), G-MOTIT, an electric scooter sharing service, is rapidly expanding its market share in both Barcelona and Europe – with its eyes set on Latin America.

First GNSS IS OS quarterly performance report now available

19 May 2017
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published its first European GNSS (Galileo) Initial Services Open Service (IS OS) quarterly performance report.

GRICAS successfully triggers second generation in-flight distress beacon

17 May 2017
After months of development and validation, the first GRICAS in-flight demonstration of an Autonomous Distress Tracking system was successfully completed from 24 to 26 April 2017.

Galileo Service Provision takes the spotlight at 2017 European Navigation Conference

15 May 2017
The benefits that space technology bring to European citizens and how these benefits can be maximized was one of the key topics discussed at the European Navigation Conference (ENC) in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 10 May.

GAGA project boosts LPV procedures for general aviation community

11 May 2017
Implementing EGNOS-enabled Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) approaches at small and medium size aerodromes across Europe will bring big benefits for general aviation and other aircraft users. However, each runway approach requires an individual design and gaining regulatory approval can be complex. Now the GSA co-funded project GAGA is using its work to implement LPV approaches at three UK aerodromes to provide a template that could accelerate the implementation process for general aviation aerodromes in the UK and other Member States.
GNSS Market Report 2017 - just released.

European GNSS Agency (GSA) launches 2017 GNSS Market Report

10 May 2017
In the fast evolving world of satellite navigation technology and GNSS applications, monitoring the landscape and having the latest information is essential. With its in-depth look at market opportunities and trends across eight market segments, the GSA’s 2017 GNSS Market Report is a key resource for successfully navigating this exciting market.

Network providers enthusiastic about Galileo at CLGE General Assembly

09 May 2017
At the GSA workshop “Galileo best practices”, held during the CLGE General Assembly in Lausanne, private and public network providers are enthusiastic and show remarkable progress in offering Galileo to their end-customers.

Nextjet moves closer to LPV capability

03 May 2017
Thanks to funding provided by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), NextJet’s fleet of SAAB 340 regional aircraft will soon be able to utilise EGNOS-based LPV landing procedures.

LPV capability boosts avionic simulators sales

02 May 2017
The GSA showcased the benefits of EGNOS to pilots from across Europe at the AERO 2017 show in early April at Friedrichshafen, Germany. A crucial element in raising awareness and widening the use of EGNOS for Aviation is integrating the system into training for both new and experienced pilots. The integration of EGNOS and LPV capability in ALSIM simulators boost their sales.

E-GNSS helps eastern Europe go multimodal

28 April 2017
To help eastern European countries prepare for the optimal adoption of European GNSS (E-GNSS) applications in the multimodal domains, the GSA-funded BEYOND project organised an array of events and training aimed at building the region’s E-GNSS capacity.

New funding opportunities for GNSS chipsets, receivers and antennas manufacturers

27 April 2017
Four funding opportunities currently open within the Fundamental Elements: a research and development funding mechanism to development of GNSS chipsets, receivers and antennas building on Galileo and EGNOS differentiators.