E.g., 11/07/2020
E.g., 11/07/2020
EGNSS and ERTMS: testing team

EGNSS and ERTMS: a win-win for both rail and space

27 June 2019
Italian rail company Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), one of Europe’s leading rail infrastructure managers, was an early adopter of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). The company also realised the potential benefits of using satellite positioning early in 2012 when Hitachi Rail STS (formerly Ansaldo STS) was awarded a contract in Australia to deliver a train control system based on ERTMS technology and powered by a virtual balise module relying on satellite positioning data. They are now leading demonstration aiming to foster deployment of these technologies in Europe.
The Ubiscale solution offers a ten-fold power consumption improvement compared to current state-of-the-art tracking devices.

Ubiscale: low-power GNSS processing for tracking devices

25 June 2019
A new solution developed by Ubiscale enables low-power GNSS sensing and position determination for applications such as asset tracking, where the tracking device does not need to know its own position. The GSA caught up with the project at MWC in Barcelona back in February.
Galileo ANTEX file updated!

Galileo ANTEX file updated!

19 June 2019
The European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) is pleased to announce the publication of the updated GALILEO ANTEX file in the Metadata section of the GSC web portal.
Register now, even if your idea is still a work in progress, so you can benefit from support activities and stay informed on all developments.

Looking for a Galileo Masters idea? Take inspiration from past winners!

17 June 2019
If you are struggling to formulate your idea for consideration in this year’s Galileo Masters, which opened for submissions on May 1, perhaps you could take inspiration from some of the innovative ideas that won the GSA Special Prize in previous editions of the competition. Already have an idea? Then register for this year’s competition here.
“E-GEN is delivering real results with real benefits,” airBaltic Senior Vice President for Flight Operations Pauls Cālītis

Flying green with airBaltic

13 June 2019
AirBaltic’s Senior Vice President for Flight Operations Pauls Cālītis talks about the E-GEN project, EGNOS implementation and plans for the future.
Three quarters of a billion people with Galileo-enabled smartphones are already benefitting from Galileo’s added accuracy.

Accuracy Matters: spreading the word about the benefits of Galileo

11 June 2019
The Galileo - Accuracy Matters campaign has been making an impact. Launched last December to raise awareness about how Galileo is making a real difference in the lives of the almost three quarters of a billion users who have Galileo’s added accuracy in their phones, the campaign has been resonating with the public.
E112 is a location-enhanced version of the 112 emergency service, allowing responders to quickly and accurately locate people in distress

Locating you in an emergency – what you need to know about E112

10 June 2019
Videos shared on social media as part of the Galileo Accuracy Matters campaign, highlighting Galileo’s contribution to the European Commission’s E112 emergency response service, have generated a number of questions from users across Europe. Here we address some of the main queries raised in an effort to bring more clarity on the issue.
The SARA solution has multiple applications – from SAR to security surveillance and sports broadcasting.

SARA scores at football match

05 June 2019
SARA, a GSA-funded project developing a turnkey solution for search and rescue (SAR) and surveillance operations, has been successfully tested at a recent football match. Based on the test, the economic viability of using the solution for event filming and monitoring/surveying is currently being investigated.
Safe Time represents a special version of the ELPROMA Rubidium NTS-5000 Time Server powered by Horizon 2020 DEMETRA TSI#2 technology

Demetra delivers dividends for ELPROMA

03 June 2019
ELPROMA, a Polish manufacturer of NTP/PTP time servers, has won a seven-figure US$ contract to supply Rubidium IEEE1588 NTS-5000 servers to support a country-scale modern smart grid system in Asia. The servers, which are custom built (designated “Safe Time”), incorporate a modified version of the cyber-security TSI#2 solution developed as part of the Horizon 2020 ‘DEMonstrator of EGNSS services based on Time Reference Architecture’ (Demetra) project, in which ELPROMA participated in 2015-2016.
Galileo delivers the accuracy and reliability needed to support Mobility as a Service applications.

Galileo supporting Mobility as a Service

29 May 2019
With an increasing number of people moving to big cities, clean and efficient urban mobility is more important than ever. New urban mobility schemes are rapidly evolving due to social, economic and technological changes. Against this backdrop, Galileo can deliver new accuracy and reliability for location-dependant services that get people where they need to go.
The roundtable promoted cooperation between GNSS research and industrial communities in Europe and Asia-Pacific. highlights Europe-India cooperation

27 May 2019
The EU-funded H2020 project hosted a major roundtable discussion around the theme of 'Europe meets India' at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit back in March. The event aimed at promoting cooperation between the GNSS research and industrial communities in Europe and Asia-Pacific.
The 30 selected projects will now work on the beta versions of their apps.

MyGalileoApp : top 30 revealed!

24 May 2019
The top 30 applications, recently selected to advance to the next round of the MyGalileoApp competition, have now been revealed. The projects cover a range of applications that leverage Galileo’s added accuracy to provide solutions to social and environmental challenges. You can check out the full list here.
EGNSS is changing the face of general aviation

EGNSS enabling change in General Aviation

21 May 2019
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) was once again at the AERO International General Aviation Fair at Friedrichshafen, Germany emphasising the advantages that European GNSS can bring to all general aviation users and, effectively, changing the way they fly.
EGNOS-based approach procedures are operational at 326 airports in 23 countries

GSA hosts RAISG meeting at its Prague HQ

17 May 2019
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) together with air traffic management organisation EUROCONTROL jointly organised the 16th meeting of the RNP Approach Implementation Support Group (RAISG) together with the Aviation Grants programme workshop at the GSA’s Prague headquarters.
The Raw Measurements Task Force Workshop provides a forum to share experiences around raw measurements use.

Third GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force Workshop - Register now!

15 May 2019
Registration is now open for the third GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force Workshop, which will take place on 26 June 2019 at the GSA Headquarters in Prague. Participants in the workshop will gain access to the Task Force’s wealth of experience and learn about progress around the use of raw measurements in Android devices, so register now!


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