EGNOS presence felt at major geodesy event

22 November 2010
EGNOS was a hot topic at the recent InterGEO conference and trade fair in Cologne. The European satellite-based augmentation system is making headway in the high-precision location and navigation sector

New R&D Funding for GNSS focuses on applications and market development

22 November 2010
The ?Growing Galileo? conference in Brussels on 22 September 2010 put the focus on developing markets for satellite navigation applications and services exploiting the full capabilities of the EGNOS and Galileo satellite systems.

Next generation navigation system scoops 2010 GSA Prize

22 November 2010
Mobilizy,the winners of this year's GSA?s ESNC Special Topic Prize believe their Wikitude Drive system will be a ?game changer? for personal navigation

European Satellite Navigation Competition awards 2010 prizes

22 November 2010
Austrian start-up Mobilizy won the GSA?s Special Topic Prize and overall ?Galileo Masters? prize at the annual prize giving ceremony.

GSA releases the first GNSS Market Report 2010

10 November 2010
The GSA has published a highly anticipated GNSS Market Monitoring report, providing key information in support of entrepreneurship in the satellite navigation sector.

EGNOS for Africa: EU and AU join forces

07 October 2010
Representatives of the European and African Union Commissions have met with key potential users of EGNOS aviation services in Africa.

Apply now for EU GNSS research funding

06 October 2010
On 20 July 2010 the EU launched a series of calls for proposals for a total of ?30.5 mln covering eight topics in the area of satellite navigation.

EGNOS transition towards Safety of Life service

29 September 2010
Europe?s satellite-based navigation system is just months away from being certified for use by the aviation sector.

More research funding available for GNSS technologies

20 September 2010

Preparations underway to use EGNOS for aviation

20 September 2010
European air navigation service providers outline plans to use the EGNOS Safety-of-Life service when it is certified for the aviation sector later this year.

Testing EGNOS applications in real time

02 August 2010
Researchers are developing and testing road transport applications using the increased accuracy and reliability of the EGNOS and Galileo satellite systems.

Getting EGNOS into action on the roads

29 July 2010
Applications using EGNOS and Galileo in road transport were in focus at the European Road Transport Research Arena (TRA) event in June 2010.

Accepta: pioneering EGNOS for aviation

23 July 2010
Accepta, an EU-funded project, is looking for regional airports and airlines that want to participate in pioneering the adoption of EGNOS in the aviation sector.

Bringing EGNOS down to earth

07 July 2010
The GSA helped bring EGNOS down to earth for farmers attending DLG Field Days in Germany.

An action plan for EGNOS and Galileo

07 July 2010
An action plan for EGNOS and Galileo affirms the EU?s commitment to developing satellite navigation applications that benefit citizens.