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Successful Galileo Launch Gives Space-Based Services a Boost

14 September 2015
Following the successful launch of two additional Galileo satellites, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) discusses how Galileo will deliver space-based services to European citizens.

Over 23,000 Downloads for GNSS 2015 Market Report

07 September 2015
The European GNSS Agency’s (GSA) GNSS 2015 Market Report has been downloaded a record breaking 23,000 times, giving companies around the world an in-depth look at eight market segments.

GSA Talks Space Policy in Bavaria

27 August 2015
The European GNSS Agency participated in the Space Policy Industry Dialogue, sponsored by NEREUS, on 24 July 2015, taking the opportunity to stress the importance of the end user.

Digging Deeper: An Inside Look at GNSS Market Trends

07 August 2015
Members of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) Market Development team sit down for a Q&A on the latest GNSS market trends and inside look at the GSA Market Report.

Spotlight on Location Based Services

05 August 2015
With more than 4 billion GNSS devices on the global market today, Location Based Services (LBS) devices make up the majority of that number – a number that is expected to grow in coming years. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) takes an inside look at the LBS market, the latest trends and the challenges ahead.

SatNav in Action: The GNSS Image Gallery

22 June 2015
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) launches new image gallery where users can download images of European GNSS programmes in action free of charge.

GNSS Market Report 2015: Exciting Times for European GNSS

25 March 2015
A new Market Report from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) delves into the market opportunities, technology trends and future developments of GNSS, as well as how GNSS contributes to Europe’s economy. The GSA’s GNSS Market Report Issue 4 highlights the benefits that GNSS offers to Europe – including job creation and promoting innovation.

GSA Set to Launch 4th GNSS Market Report in Munich

12 March 2015
It’s March, which for the GNSS community means one thing: the Munich Satellite Summit. From March 24 – 26, GNSS players from around the world will gather in Munich to discuss and debate all things GNSS. This year, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) will launch its GNSS Market Report Issue 4 during the Summit.

Horizon 2020 promotes user services across all market segments

02 February 2015
Recently, research and development in E-GNSS has undergone a major shift from being technology driven to being user driven, and the Second Call of Horizon 2020 is set to promote this market focus.

Horizon 2020: new funding opportunities for European GNSS Applications

28 January 2015
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) recently held a workshop on funding opportunities for European GNSS Applications in Horizon 2020.

EGNOS and Galileo: Navigation Solutions Powered by Europe

07 August 2014
European citizens from all walks of life will rely on Galileo and EGNOS. To demonstrate how, the GSA has launched a new video giving viewers an inside look at the many ways European satellite navigation is bettering their day-to-day lives.

European Satellite Navigation Competition Deadline Quickly Approaching

26 June 2014
The submission deadline for the 2014 edition of the GSA-sponsored European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is 30 June.

European Space Expo, European Space Solutions 2014 Coming to Prague

05 June 2014
With both the European Space Expo and the European Space Solutions 2014 conference coming to Prague, starting June 7 the city – which is also the home of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) – is set to become space obsessed.

Sofia Welcomes the European Space Expo

28 May 2014
During its stop in Sofia, Bulgaria, the popular European Space Expo attracted 35,443 visitors and more than 35 schools.

Research supports ITS Deployment

17 June 2013
During the recent Ninth Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) European Congress organised by ERTICO – the network of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services stakeholder in Europe – at the Dublin Convention Centre the European GNSS Agency (GSA) highlighted the role of its portfolio of FP7 research projects in the real-world deployment of ITS solutions. This significant contribution was outlined through two technical sessions on 5 June.


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