Location Based Services (LBS) in action

Integrating GNSS in UAVs for faster SAR

31 July 2017
The main objective of the Horizon 2020-funded MOBNET project is to locate victims during natural disasters and emergency situations such as earthquakes, hurricanes or large snowstorms using EGNSS (both Galileo and EGNOS) and DCT (Digital Cellular Technologies). Its system assumptions were presented at TRANSCOM 2017 in Slovakia at the start of June.

Personal tracking devices set to dominate the Location Based Services (LBS) market growth

24 July 2017
Personal tracking devices will soon become the fastest growing market within the LBS sector and the solutions start to use Galileo for enhanced performances.

Galileo featured at TechXLR8 show

28 June 2017
TechXLR8 is a major ‘festival’ of technology that celebrates networks, technology and consumer services. As part of London Tech Week 2017 TechXLR8 brought together a portfolio of eight converging technology themes. The European GNSS Agency (GSA) was there to showcase its leading technology enabling role in two of TechXLR8’s strands: connected cars and the internet of things (IoT).

GSA invites experts to join GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force

20 June 2017
Following the recent release of GNSS raw measurements on Android Nougat, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) is engaging with the smartest brains in navigation and positioning to innovate around this new feature.

GSA Executive Director recognised at EBAA

14 June 2017
European GNSS Agency (GSA) Executive Director Carlo des Dorides is recognised, along with Member of the European Parliament Marian-Jean Marinescu, at the 2017 European Business Aviation Awards in Geneva.

Geolocation technology on the cusp of a revolution

13 June 2017
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), including Galileo, play a key role in the Internet of Things. Information on positioning, velocity and timing is driving growth in a wide array of context-aware applications, from drones and driverless cars, to asset tracking.

Galileo-Copernicus synergies explored at Prague Copernicus forum

12 June 2017
The potential for synergies between the Copernicus and E-GNSS (Galileo and EGNOS) programmes was explored at a Copernicus Training and Information Session, hosted by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) at its Prague headquarters on 24 May.

GSA, mobile industry leaders explore the future of location at infoShare 2017

06 June 2017
The GSA chaired a unique session at this year's infoShare in Gdansk, focusing on the importance of accurate and verifiable positioning for tomorrow's smartphone apps, and getting the views of some key industry leaders.

Superlatives abound for Galileo Hackathon 2017

29 May 2017
Satisfaction was in evidence as participants, experts and judges had good things to say about the second Galileo Hackathon in Gdynia.

Hackathon 2017 expands Galileo community

24 May 2017
This year's Galileo Hackathon in Gdynia, Poland, brought together students, graduates, entrepreneurs and a handful of helpful high-level GNSS experts to develop innovative LBS applications exploiting the new level of accuracy made possible by Galileo.

Galileo helps cities mobility company expand

23 May 2017
Thanks to the market insight and funding provided by the European GNSS Agency (GSA), G-MOTIT, an electric scooter sharing service, is rapidly expanding its market share in both Barcelona and Europe – with its eyes set on Latin America.
GNSS Market Report 2017 - just released.

European GNSS Agency (GSA) launches 2017 GNSS Market Report

10 May 2017
In the fast evolving world of satellite navigation technology and GNSS applications, monitoring the landscape and having the latest information is essential. With its in-depth look at market opportunities and trends across eight market segments, the GSA’s 2017 GNSS Market Report is a key resource for successfully navigating this exciting market.

E-GNSS helps eastern Europe go multimodal

28 April 2017
To help eastern European countries prepare for the optimal adoption of European GNSS (E-GNSS) applications in the multimodal domains, the GSA-funded BEYOND project organised an array of events and training aimed at building the region’s E-GNSS capacity.

Final countdown to the 2nd Galileo Hackathon

25 April 2017
The Galileo Hackathon is less than one month away – are you ready to show off your coding skills?

GSA Executive Director Carlo des Dorides outlines the GNSS Technology landscape of tomorrow at 33rd Annual Space Symposium

18 April 2017
Technology keynote outlines how the rapid development of mass market consumer devices will only increase the demand for higher accuracy and dual frequency GNSS transmission solutions, such as those offered by Galileo.


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