Location Based Services (LBS) in action

GNSS Market Report hits 40k downloads… and counting

14 February 2017
In the fast evolving world of satellite navigation technology and GNSS applications, monitoring the landscape and having the latest information is essential. The GSA’s 2015 GNSS Market Report, which provides an in-depth look at market opportunities and technology trends across eight market segments, is the go-to resource for GNSS market intelligence, being cited by policy and strategy documents across the globe.

Don’t get left out in the cold!

30 January 2017
Do winter weather conditions have an effect on the accuracy and use of mass-market GNSS devices? To find out, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) asked the experts working in Antarctica.

Second Galileo Hackathon: warming up the engines

25 January 2017
The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is busy making plans for the next adventure in app building, and the new 2016 Galileo Hackathon video shows you what it’s all about.

Building the E-GNSS engine for self-driving car

19 December 2016
The ESCAPE project, jointly funded by the European Commission and GSA, aims to develop the first multi-constellation Galileo chipset receiver with multi-frequency capability specifically adapted to such road applications as autonomous vehicles.

GNSS mobile apps: using Nougat to access raw GNSS measurements

01 December 2016
The ability to access raw GNSS measurements opens up a range of opportunities for mobile app developers, but how do you access the data? During the first European GNSS Agency (GSA) Galileo Hackathon at the WhereCamp ‘unconference’ in Berlin Dr Lukasz Bonenberg from the University of Nottingham explained how app-developers can access raw GNSS measurements on smartphones via the latest release of the Android operating system.

GNSS mobile apps: Data outputs and Galileo

29 November 2016
With more signals and better accuracy, Galileo is an invaluable resource for mobile developers working on precise positioning applications. During the first Galileo Hackathon at the WhereCamp in Berlin, experts from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) shared how Galileo is boosting accuracy and making positioning applications more precise.

Galileo constellation grows with successful satellite launch

21 November 2016
Following the successful launch of four Galileo satellites, the Galileo constellation now has 18 satellites in orbit as it moves towards the declaration of Initial Services.
WhereCamp Berlin, 3-4 November 2016, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

WhereCamp Berlin focus on LBS and Geo-IoT

14 November 2016
The WhereCamp Berlin ‘unconference’ on 3 and 4 November offered exciting insights on the future of Location Based Services (LBS) and the Geo-IoT (Geolocation - Internet of Things) including some interesting developments around the use of LBS provided by European GNSS. The meeting featured the first ever Galileo Hackathon and a plenary session hosted by the GSA on Technology Trends in Geolocation presented by the global leaders in the field: Qualcomm, Broadcom and Google.

H2020 Applications in Satellite Navigation – Galileo – 2017 Call now open

08 November 2016
The third Horizon 2020 (H2020) call for Applications in Satellite Navigation, managed by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) under the delegation from European Commission is officially open. With a budget of EUR 33 million for the 2017 call, the deadline for submitting proposals is 1 March 2017.

Dancing with apps: Galileo Hackathon codes for the community

07 November 2016
The first ever European GNSS Agency (GSA) Galileo Hackathon brought together teams of passionate coders and geo enthusiasts from around the world to compete for some impressive prizes. The venue was Berlin’s Beuth University of Applied Sciences on 3 and 4 November during the sixth WhereCamp ‘unconference’ dedicated to geolocation enthusiasts and professionals. All the Hackathon competitors received a Galileo-ready BQ Smartphone and a certificate, while the two winning teams also each collected a €500 cash prize.

BQ Aquaris X5 Plus Smartphone Officially Galileo-Ready

04 November 2016
With the Declaration of Galileo Initial Services coming soon, the first European Galileo-ready smartphone is now operational.

Drones2GNSS takes this year’s GSA Special Prize

26 October 2016
Taking place on eve of the declaration of Galileo Initial Services, the theme of this year’s GSA Special Prize is the most innovative application idea for Galileo Initial Services. Within this scope of the 2016 European Satellite Navigation Competition, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) sought the best ideas and applications that leverage Galileo’s Initial Services to provide new and more robust benefits to end-users.

Intergeo 2016: shaping the future of mapping and surveying

24 October 2016
Intergeo is the place to be for the geodesy, geoinformation and land management sector – and the 2016 edition, taking place in Hamburg, was no exception.

The GSA wants to put your coding skills to the test

15 September 2016
Attention all geocoders, geodesigners, cartographers, geomarketers, gelocation enthusiasts and developers: the GSA challenges you to put your coding skills to the test during the inaugural Galileo Hackathon.

GNSS and the Internet of Medical Things

11 August 2016
From emergency caller localisation to monitoring senior citizens, according to the European GNSS Agency (GSA), space-based technologies are already improving our health and safety and are set to see increasing use in the near future.


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