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European Space Expo, European Space Solutions 2014 Coming to Prague

05 June 2014
With both the European Space Expo and the European Space Solutions 2014 conference coming to Prague, starting June 7 the city – which is also the home of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) – is set to become space obsessed.

Connecting Space Based Services to the End User

04 June 2014
Joining a plenary session at the Global Space Applications Conference (GLAC 2014), Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director of the European GNSS Agency (GSA) discussed how Galileo is providing tangible services to European citizens.

EGNOS Enables an Integrated European Sky

04 June 2014
Speaking at EBACE – the annual convention and exhibition of the European business aviation sector – the GSA joined SESAR, EBAA, Eurocontrol and industry representatives to discuss what is being done to enhance Europe’s aviation infrastructure.

EBACE Roundup: EGNOS Powers Business Aviation

03 June 2014
With airport access being a priority concern for business aviation – particularly in Europe – more and more operators and manufacturers are turning to. Certified since 2011 and free to use, EGNOS is proving to be a driving force in the business aviation sector.

Sofia Welcomes the European Space Expo

28 May 2014
During its stop in Sofia, Bulgaria, the popular European Space Expo attracted 35,443 visitors and more than 35 schools.

EGNOS recognised as a key enabler of Helicopter instrumental operations in the European Helicopter Show

17 May 2013
During the European Helicopter Show (EHS 2013) in Hradec Králové airport, helicopter operators, OEMs and avionics manufacturers highlighted EGNOS benefits to the rotorcraft community.

The European GNSS Service Centre helps users’ access data

14 May 2013
Today, Antonio Tajani, European Commission Vice-President, responsible for enterprise and industry policy, and Ana Pastor, Spanish Minister of Transport, inaugurated the European GNSS Service Centre in Torrejon outside Madrid within the National Institute of Aerospace Technologies (INTA) facilities with large attendance of Spanish authorities.


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