GSA to host EO4AGRI workshop

02 March 2020
Space applications can help improve the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce its environmental impact.
Space applications can help improve the efficiency of agricultural production and reduce its environmental impact.

Space applications in support of more efficient agricultural operations and optimised food processing in Europe will be in focus at the EO4AGRI workshop, to be held at the European GNSS Agency’s (GSA) Prague headquarters on 16-17 March.

EO4AGRI will be structured into four main panel discussions spread across the two days of the workshop. These discussion blocks will target stakeholders from the AgriFood industry, the financial and insurance sector and the agricultural public sector, along with food and nutrition security stakeholders. 

Leveraging EU investment

EO4AGRI aims to improve Europe’s agriculture monitoring capacity based on information derived from Copernicus Earth observation and the use of geospatial and socio-economic information services. With this goal in mind, EO4AGRI is working with farmers, farmer associations and the agro-food industry to develop specifications for data-driven farming services, with a view to leveraging the EU’s investments in Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (DIAS).

In particular, EO4AGRI helps with the implementation of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), particularly in light of the planned CAP2020 reform. The project also helps farmers meet the requirements of Paying Agencies, and supports them in implementing Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) processes. 

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Within the context of discussions on CAP at the workshop, the GSA will also present its EGNSS4CAP app. This is a mobile app for Android that digitises procedures for farmers in the EU, helping them to meet their reporting requirements under the current and reformed CAP. The GSA is also supporting the EC in its efforts to integrate the EGNSS4CAP app with the Farm Sustainability Tool for Nutrients (FaST), which aims to facilitate a sustainable use of fertilisers while boosting the digitisation of the agricultural sector in the EU.

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The conclusions and recommendations from the workshop will help shape future data and services in Earth Observation and will feed into the evolution of the next generation of Copernicus Sentinel satellites.

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