EGNOS Service Provider call is now open

08 July 2019
The EGNOS Service Provider call has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
The EGNOS Service Provider call has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

The GSA has published a call - OJ/S 299295-2019-EN - in the Official Journal of the European Union containing all the information on the EGNOS Service Provider call.

The EGNOS Service Provision consists in delivering three types of services: the Open Service (OS), the Safety of Life service (SoL) and EGNOS Data Access Services (EDAS). The current Version 2 of the EGNOS System was developed in the early 2000s and is to be replaced by a new generation (named EGNOS V3), which is currently under development.

This latter is foreseen to enter into service in 2024. After the completion of the transition to V3, the V2 system will be decommissioned. The first version of EGNOS V3, V3.1, is expected to ensure continuity of EGNOS augmentation of GPS L1, while the second EGNOS V3 version, V3.2, will provide additional SBAS service capabilities through a new SBAS channel on L5, including augmentation of Galileo on top of GPS signals. EGNOS V3 security will be reinforced to increase the robustness of EGNOS services against potential threats.

Presently, the provision of EGNOS Services is ensured via the current ESP contract, which continues until the end of 2021, as a baseline. The subject of the present procurement is the continuation of the EGNOS service provision.

It is expected that the next EGNOS Service Provider will be in charge of:

  • the delivery of EGNOS Open Service and Safety of Life service and contribution to EDAS service provision based on EGNOS V2 infrastructure from the end of the current ESP contract, following a hand-over from the current contractor, including operations, integrated logistics support, service performance and security monitoring, user services, some maintenance tasks, support to service and system evolutions, EGNOS releases deployment, etc.
  • the management of V2 to V3 transition;
  • the delivery of the EGNOS services listed in (i), extended to DFMC services based on EGNOS V3 infrastructure until the end of the contract as explained in the procurement documents; and
  • the decommissioning of the EGNOS V2 infrastructure.

The contract is expected to be signed before the end of 2020, with a duration of 8 years and an option for extension by up to 24 months.

As EGNOS provides Safety of Life (SoL) service for civil aviation, the next EGNOS service provider will have to be certified according to the European Single European Sky regulations, and maintain this certificate for the duration of the Contract. The Contractor shall have the responsibility and obligation to complete the certification process by September 2021 as per the applicable EASA rules and procedures.

Call details are available here.

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Updated: Jul 08, 2019



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