Developers are in luck: GSC simulation tools database refreshed

17 January 2019
GSTI provides a broad range of GNSS simulator and testing platforms.
GSTI provides a broad range of GNSS simulator and testing platforms.

The GNSS Simulation and Testing Tools Infrastructure (GSTI) database has been recently updated to offer to the developer community the most comprehensive catalogue of commercial tools available for professional use.

The GNSS Simulation and Testing Tools Infrastructure (GSTI), a GSC database containing the most extensive public catalogue of commercial testing and simulation tools for professional use, has been recently updated. In terms of numbers, this update has seen the database increase 52% thanks to the new tools added.

With this revamped resource, GSC intends to bring renewed support to application developers. This update, performed by the GSC team with invaluable support from manufacturers, has resulted in two main actions: the removal of tools previously published but no longer commercially available, and the introduction of the newest tools offered in the market for professional purposes.

The GSTI is a collaborative platform intended to support both developers of GNSS applications and equipment and providers of GNSS testing and simulation tools or testbeds. It is an initiative launched by the European Commission (EC) and transferred to the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC).

All GSC users, and especially the GNSS developer community, are invited to visit the GSTI section to check the upgraded catalogue and access the new information included in the list.

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Updated: Jan 17, 2019



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