GSA Video Premiere: Location Based Services

Updated: Jun 08, 2016

13 March 2015

New videos from the European GNSS Agency (GSA) demonstrate the benefits of improved accuracy in a variety of situations, and how Galileo, Europe’s independent global satellite navigation system, will help.

EU GNSS programmes are changing the way the world works, modernising how we do business and how we live. New videos from the GSA demonstrate the benefits of improved accuracy in a variety of situations, and how Galileo, Europe’s independent global satellite navigation system, will help. 

Faster Fix, Improved Localisation

Galileo is adding more satellites to existing constellations, improving location accuracy and speed – even in urban areas.  In day-to-day life, civilians will be able to use this direct access to positioning to track everything from pets to phones. In the case of a lost child or pet, the correct position is needed as soon as possible. The line of sight should be quick and accurate, and Galileo provides that.

For example, through a chip inserted into a collar or other device, people will be able to track their dogs and other pets.




Precise Positioning, Time Matters

In emergency situations, knowing your precise location can be a matter of life or death. If you’re visiting a city and do not know the area but need to call emergency services, Galileo, in tandem with other GNSS systems, will send your precise location to first responders immediately – meaning you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Today, it can be difficult for emergency response teams to locate victims in urban areas. Galileo will change this, providing faster, more accurate service. In some cases, just a few seconds can change everything.



Precise Infrastructure Localisation

Precision Infrastructure Localisation affects a number of diverse markets, including municipalities, utilities, oil and gas, and the environmental marketplace. In these markets, accurate positioning is critical to intelligent decision-making.

Everything, from streetlights to the white lines on the road to oil drilling, is mapped. With everything having a position, accuracy is of the utmost importance. With more positions in more environments, Galileo will make mapping easier and more precise.




Location Based Advertising

Galileo will enable a new form of advertising based on location. Now, people walking down a street can see menus of surrounding restaurants through specialised apps, making it easier to decide where to eat. Restaurants who previously had trouble standing out to newcomers can now advertise specials and show off their dishes to attract new business, and tourists can find the best places to eat in a new city.

Geo-targeted advertising works for all kinds of stores and services, and is more relevant and effective due to increased satellites and greater access in rural areas. Galileo works to provide enhanced location services, giving local businesses the opportunity to provide more information and access to more potential customers.




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