GSA Call for Grants Promotes EGNOS adoption in European Civil Aviation

25 June 2014

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is holding an information session on 17 July at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Today’s GNSS penetration in the global aviation market is over 80% and shipments of EGNOS enabled devices Today’s GNSS penetration in the global aviation market is over 80%.are expected to dominate the entire civil aviation market.  EGNOS was designed for civil aviation. It is one of the enabling technologies for a successful implementation of SESAR and Performance Based Navigation in Europe.

EGNOS allows flying LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance) approaches, which are ILS look-alike approach operations based on satellite navigation, hence not requiring the on-ground installation of costly radio navigation aids. The implementation of EGNOS-based operations is increasing and nowadays more than 100 aerodromes in Europe have implemented such operations. EGNOS continues evolving and it will soon allow implementing approach operations down to 200 feet minima.

In support of further adoption of EGNOS in European civil aviation, the GSA is pleased to announce a new Call for Grants. The grant is specifically geared to those users looking to equip and use aircraft and rotorcraft with SBAS enabled avionics. In addition, it also targets Air Navigation Service Providers and aerodromes wanting to implement EGNOS based operations, including APV (Approach procedures with vertical guidance) SBAS procedures (LPV) in Europe. 

To promote the Call for Grants, the GSA is holding an information session at the Farnborough International Airshow – The GSA is holding an information session at the Farnborough International Airshow on 17 of the world’s premiere aviation exhibitions. The information session, which will take place on 17 July from 10:00 – 12:00 in the Hatfield Conference Room, in the Media Centre, floor 1. It will include an introduction to EGNOS and its services and an overview of the LPV implementation status and forecast in Europe.

Participants will be provided preliminary information on the call for proposals, including key objectives, topics to be covered and deadlines for submission. The session will conclude with case studies from previous projects, who will share lessons learnt that could be beneficial as applicants prepare to frame their proposals.

The info session is free access.  The agenda is under preparation. More information will be published on this website in the coming weeks.

GSA Information Session on New Call for Grants
17 July 2014
10:00 – 12:00
Hatfield Conference Room, Media Centre
Farnborough International Airshow


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