EGNOS for LPV in the Euromed Countries

07 July 2014

Delegates from the Euromed aviation community recently met in Tunis to debate the use of EGNOS for LPV procedures in the region.

The event, hosted by the Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office (GEMCO), was an opportunity to present the results of the MEDUSA project’s recent activities regarding the validation of GNSS approaches designed for Monastir (Tunisia) airport. The approach procedures, which make use of the EGNOS coverage available in the northern part of the country, are the first complete experience for LPV procedure validation outside of Europe.

Following an overview of the activities, the Euromed delegates were able to take stock in the lessons learned from MEDUSA activities in Tunisia – along with plan the next steps. The conclusion drawn was that MEDUSA represents a breakthrough for the introduction of EGNOS Safety of Life Service in North Africa and the Middle-East region. Although further steps remain, the results obtained by MEDUSA are useful for other regions interested in the use of EGNOS for aviation.

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The MEDUSA validation activities were conducted by the Office de l’Aviation Civile et des Aéroports (OACA) and the Tunisian Air Navigation Service Provider, with support from such European experts as Telespazio, ENAV, ESSP, Helios and Ineco.

Coordinated by Telespazio, MEDUSA (MEDiterranean follow-Up for EGNOS Adoption) is the Euromed GNSS II project. MEDUSA aims to introduce and exploite E-GNSS services in the Euromed region by undertaking a programme of assistance actions to support and prepare the countries for the optimal use and adoption of EGNOS and, eventually, Galileo. The project also sets up GEMCO, the long-term cooperation and operation structure. GEMCO acts as a point of reference and as an incubator for the successful development of initiatives related to GNSS in the Euromed region.



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