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Design, develop, test and commercially launch a mobile application able to provide a position and/or time fix by using Galileo-enabled smartphone. Submissions are now closed.

The app should operate in both Android and IOS environments.

Please make sure you read the Terms of reference here for requirements specifications and duly complete all the forms before submitting your application.

Clarification note #1 is available here.
Clarification note #2 is available here.
Clarification note #3 is available here.
Clarification note #4 is available here.
Clarification note #5 is available here.


The following criteria will be considered for the assessment of the projects along the four steps of the contest: 

Market potential
Technical feasibility
Smart Navigation and Info-tainment
Smartphone GNSS apps in this area contribute to the reduction of congestion while implementing faster, greener and more efficient transportation options, providing real-time data on time schedules, traffic conditions, optimised routes, social events and touristic data.
Augmented Reality and Games
The integration of positioning with virtual information allows the development of pinpoint services, which can be used for gaming, commerce, archaeology, construction and education.
Geo-marketing and Advertising
Consumer preferences are combined with positioning data to provide exceptionally personalised offers to potential customers.
Fitness, Sport and mHealth
Fitness and mHealth applications rely on GNSS - in addition to other sensors - to monitor users’ physical performance.
Enterprise Applications
GNSS-based tracking solutions contribute to improving productivity and safety of workers through mobile workforce management solutions.
Social Networking
The location of people is a relevant information around which develop specific services in social networks.
Mapping, GIS and Agriculture
The enhanced processing power of modern smartphones, their portability and the location capabilities make them very suitable to develop Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, to geotag photos and to create crowd-sourced maps.
Automated Mobility (all transport modes)
GNSS supports safe implementation of automated mobility in cooperative/connected cars, short-sea shipping and inland waterways vessels, goods transportation, air taxis and light rail systems in urban public transport.
Pilot information applications can use GNSS position to deliver custom weather reports, interactive maps, logging flight data or waypoints, and tracking the flight for professional, leisure or training purposes.
In addition to flight control applications, mobile apps for drones can use GNSS to plan, record and track the flight, provide fly/no-fly area maps and support geo awareness, weather reporting in the flight area, and facilitate communication with other drone pilots and drone integration in the airspace.
GNSS data can be used for time-stamping functions to log and validate events including mobile payments, bank transactions and stock exchanges trades.
22 January 2019
Announcement of the Competition
11 February 2019
1st Webinar
The webinar is now available here to view and share! Q&A from the webinar is available here.
5 March 2019
2nd Webinar
The video is now available here. Q&A from the second webinar is available here.
31 March 2019
Proposal Step 1 Submission Deadline
18 April 2019
Announcement of Selected Teams to Proceed to Development Phase M1
23 June 2019
App Development Phase M1 End – Submission / Review of Beta Versions
7 July 2019
Announcement of Selected Teams to Proceed to Development Phase M2
3 September 2019
App Development Phase M2
September - October 2019
Competition Final
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3

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Updated: Apr 08, 2019