EGNOS OS SDD Consultation

Web Consultation Presentation

The Service Definition Document for the EGNOS Open Service (EGNOS OS SDD) was published by the European Commission when commissioning the EGNOS Open Service on 1 October 2009. In early 2010, a public consultation on the first release of this document was organized to give interested parties an opportunity to express their views.

The objective of this consultation was to ensure that the evolution of the EGNOS Service Definition Documents takes into account the views of today’s GNSS stakeholders and users. The feedback received during this consultation process will be used to develop improved versions of the OS SDD and to enhance the SoL Service Definition Document currently in preparation.

Each version of the Service Definition Documents will proceed through this process. The final documents are published and made available on the ESSP website for the 3 EGNOS services.

The EGNOS OS SDD presents the characteristics of the service offered to users by the EGNOS Open Service, highlighting the positioning and timing performance currently available to suitably equipped users using both the GPS SPS broadcast signal and the EGNOS OS augmentation signal.

In general, the document was acknowledged to be clear and in line with the users' expectations. However, some areas of improvements have been identified with a view to enriching the next release of the EGNOS OS SDD:

  • The document is addressed to a broad range of EGNOS users with different profiles and interests. It may be more convenient to have information content adapted to each user category. Therefore, suggestions were made to structure the document in a way that allows readers to access the information content targeted at their specific user category.
  • EGNOS OS can readily be used in a wide range of domains such as road navigation, precision agriculture or for leisure and personal mobility applications. However, the document was considered to focus too much on the aviation sector, and the EGNOS benefits in other domains should be addressed more substantially.
  • Finally, the technical concepts and terms that are used throughout the document should be made clearer to the reader in order to facilitate understanding; by using enhanced definition for instance or referring to appropriate external references.

Updated: Jun 07, 2017