Precision Agriculture: EGNOS helping farmers to reduce costs and environmental impact

Updated: Mar 16, 2016

Efficient  and  sustainable  farming  solutions  are  needed  now  more  than  ever,  as competition  in the agriculture industry continues to increase and production costs have to be considered very carefully. Precision agriculture is a  highly  effective  farming  strategy  that  allows farmers  to  better  allocate inputs  (e.g.  seeds  and  fertilisers)  and increase  productivity,  while  lowering  costs  and  minimising  environmental  impact.  Traditionally,  the  main obstacle to wide scale application of precision agriculture has been the substantial investment in equipment and services  necessary  to  implement  these  methods and  to  obtain  concrete  results. 

Now,  the  EGNOS  Open  Service has fundamentally changed the equation by offering high precision at low cost.

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