How to implement EGNOS based approaches in an airport

Updated: Mar 16, 2016

EGNOS, the European SBAS system, has been designed to answer the aviation sector’s needs for secure landing approaches with the EGNOS SoL (Safety of Life) service.

Traditionally, the aviation industry relies on expensive (in terms of both ground radio navigation systems such as ILS (Instrument Landing System)for landing operations in airports. Today, represents a real alternative.

The SoL service guarantees the position given by the receiver within certain limits imposed by aviation standards. Moreover,an integrity function,which consists of a warning message sent to the pilot within six a malfunction, is included in the system. It can therefore permit IFR( Instrument Flight Rules) operations and improve airport productivity and safety in landing,especially in non ILS equipped airports through the so called LPV procedures(lateral approach with vertical guidance),also known as APVprocedures (approach procedure with vertical guidance).

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