EGNOS for yield mapping: The power of knowledge

Updated: Mar 16, 2016

EGNOS continues to provide fertile ground for successful agricultural applications and companies such as CLAAS Agrosystems are harvesting its potential: according to Mr Klaus-Herbert Rolf, the company's Head of Marketing, about 90% of high-end combine harvesters currently sold by CLAAS are equipped with EGNOS-enabled receivers.

Rolf says EGNOS is no longer a technological opportunity, but rather a necessary infrastructure for successful agriculture.

Today, GNSS and EGNOS can be used to increase productivity in all phases of agricultural activity. As farmers prepare the soil, GNSS-based steering systems help them to choose consistent driving strategies and to avoid row overlaps. According to CLAAS, European farmers can save up to 7% on operating costs with EGNOS, thanks to time reduction and reduction of fuel, oil and machine expenses. During seeding activities, agricultural engineers rely on EGNOS to distribute As fertilisers and plant protection products are applied to the crop, it is now possible to adjust nitrogen and crop-spraying activities with a high degree of accuracy, combining GNSS positioning, onboard sensors and application maps. Finally, during the harvest, EGNOS receivers coupled with yield monitors provide accurate spatial coordinates for yield monitoring data, which can be used to create yield maps of each field.

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