Certification of aircraft for EGNOS use in landing procedures

Updated: Mar 16, 2016

EGNOS is the European satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS), comparable to WAAS in the USA. Its utilisation in the aviation sector has been studied under the EU-funded GIANT, GIANT 2, HEDGE and Accepta projects.

One important use for SBAS is in vertical guidance of aircraft during final approaches. This procedure is called lateral approach with vertical guidance (LPV), also known as APV SBAS approach. Under this procedure, the aircrew is provided with geometric guidance for the final approach path.

To use this procedure, an aircraft needs to be equipped with a certified SBAS receiver. The steps described here are aimed at obtaining airworthiness certification and operational approval for a receiver, intended for the rotorcraft and general aviation segments only, and for aircrafts already in use.

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