The Interview

Interview Invitation

If you are shortlisted, our recruitment team will contact you to arrange an interview. Candidates are expected to respond to interview invitations as soon as possible. The planned time-line of interview is indicated in each vacancy notice. Therefore please ensure that you can be reached via the telephone numbers and email address provided in your application form.

Assessment Tools

We use a range of assessment tools to make sure we find the candidate whose profile most closely matches the requirements of the position. Our assessment tools include written exercises, candidate presentation, panel and/or one-on-one interviews. In certain cases may include also psychological assessment.
During the interview(s) you will be asked about your knowledge, experience, opinions as well as how you have handled past situations and how you would handle specific scenarios.
These assessment tools will cover a number of the key technical and behavioural competencies which have been identified in the vacancy notice.

Preparation for the Interview

We recommend that you prepare carefully for the interview:

  • Familiarise yourself with the GSA’s mission and tasks.
  • Read the vacancy notice carefully and think about where you have performed tasks similar to those described and have demonstrated relevant competencies. We will want to know why you think you are the right person for the position and how your experience makes you suitable.
  • Be open and communicate your thoughts, views and feelings to the committee. We want to get an impression of you as a person and not just of your knowledge and competencies.
  • Take the opportunity to ask questions and obtain the information you need to help you for an opinion of whether the position and the GSA is where you would like to be.

Interview Expenses

If you travel for an interview, we will reimburse you for your expenses according to our interview reimbursement rules. You are entitled for the reimbursement only if you provide all the reqiured documents in due time.

Interview Outcome

If you are successful, we will be sending you a written offer.
If unsuccessful, you will be informed by the recruiting coordinator.

Updated: Oct 19, 2015