Seconded National Experts (SNEs)



Staff from Public Administrations can work at GSA as ‘Seconded National Experts’ (SNEs). SNEs are seconded to the Agency while remaining in the service of their national employer and continuing to be paid their national salary by their employer. They receive from the Agency a daily subsistence allowance per calendar day for the duration of their secondment. 

The Agency uses National Experts in areas where advanced experience is available in National Administrations. At the same time, the exchange of expertise through SNEs contributes to the development of effective and smooth working relationships between Member States’ administrations and GSA. SNEs bring their unique skills and knowledge to GSA for a period of time before taking the experience acquired during their stay at the Agency back to their home administration.

The duties and rights of an SNEs are governed by the Decision of the Administrative Board laying down rules on the secondment to the Agency of national experts in professional training. 

The application for a secondment to GSA must be submitted by the Permanent Representation of the Member State that intends to second.
For the application to be considered valid it shall consist of:

  1.  Employer authorisation for seconded national expert candidate
  2.  The candidate’s application form
Reference Description Related documents Deadline Status
GSA/2017/SNE/002 Seconded National Expert (SNE) - EGNOS Exploitation, GALILEO Exploitation, Galileo Security Monitoring Centre, Security Departments

Vacancy Notice 01/11/2017
Deadline is postponed to: 30/11/2018
Procedure closed
GSA/2017/SNE/001 Seconded National Expert (SNE) - Security Department

Vacancy Notice 03/07/2017
Deadline is postponed to: 01/12/2017
Procedure closed - unsuccessful

Updated: Feb 11, 2019