GNSS downstream industry directory

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  • Satplan

    Manufacturer of GPS devices in agriculture sector

    Website: | Country: France
    Industry type: Systems Integrators

    Engaged in the supply of software systems, information technology-based solutions, and support services to the space and defense industries, and public sector markets in the United Kingdom

    Website: | Country: Great Britain
    Industry type: Systems Integrators, Value Added Services Providers
    Road, Aviation, Maritime, Mapping & Surveying, Drones, Defence/Public Utilities, Space
  • Septentrio

    Manufacturer of GPS chipsets
    Designer and manufacturer of dual-frequency GNSS receivers

    Website: | Country: Belgium
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers, Value Added Services Providers
    Aviation, Mapping & Surveying, Agriculture
  • Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology Co., Ltd.

    Maanufacturer of GNSS antennae for surveying applications
    Manufacturer of handheld GNSS-enabled equipment for surveying applications
    Provider of software solutions for surveying

    Website: | Country: China
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, Value Added Services Providers
    Mapping & Surveying, Agriculture, Aviation, Maritime
  • Sinara - Transportnye Mashiny

    Rail industry hardware supplier

    Website: | Country: Russian Federation
    Industry type: Systems Integrators

    Manufactures space grade GNSS antennae for use onboard small satellite systems

    Website: | Country: Czech Republic
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers, Systems Integrators
  • Skytoll, A. S.

    Provider of electronic tolling solutions based on the GPS–GSM technology

    Website: | Country: Slovakia
    Industry type: Value Added Services Providers
    Road, Rail

    This company is engaged in the provision of business integration and optimization software. It was founded and incorporated in 1969. The registered business office of the company is located in Darmstadt, Germany.The company provides Apama streaming analytics offers intelligent automated management of big data; Terracotta software that employs in-memory technology; Adabas, a database management system for mainframe computers; and Natural, a development environment that supports enterprise scale applications on the mainframe and open systems platforms. It also provides digital transformation consulting, platform consulting, performance ready content, platform rapid innovation methodology, training, and support services. In addition, the company offers Architecture for Integrated Information Systems, a platform for business process analysis, governance, risk, and compliance management; Alfabet, an IT portfolio management platform that enables mapping of IT environment and planning and optimization of IT infrastructure; and webMethods, a platform for business process management, operational intelligence, and application programming interface management, as well as to integrate systems, partners, data, devices, and SaaS applications.It is a global company with operating subsidiaries in Germany, India, Australia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Bahrain, the Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, China, Denmark, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Austria, Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, the Republic of Korea, Norway, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Belgium, and Portugal.The company serves the manufacturing, chemicals, oil and gas, life sciences, metals, paper and plastics, financial services, consumer goods manufacturing and retail, government, and telecommunications industries.

    Website: | Country: Germany
    Industry type: Value Added Services Providers
    Road, Rail, Defence/Public Utilities
  • Space Engineering S.P.A.

    Manufacturer of space based GNSS receivers

    Website: | Country: Italy
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers

    Specialises in the design, development and integration of advance electronics systems for commercial, defence and industrial applications worldwide

    Website: | Country:
    Industry type: Systems Integrators
    Rail, Aviation, Maritime, Drones