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  • Laptech

    Precision timing equipment

    Website: | Country: Canada
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers
    Timing & Synchronisation (T&S)

    Design, manufacture, sales and support of high power, solid state RF products for radio broadcast, navigation, sonar, and industrial applications.
    Provide software services related to digital broadcast

    Website: | Country: Canada
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers, Value Added Services Providers
    Defence/Public Utilities

    The company is engaged in the development, acquisition and licensing a range of intellectual property that drives products providing access in wireless and wireline telecommunications markets. It was founded in 1992. Its registered head office is located in Ottawa, Canada.The company serves as a leading technology licensing company. It licenses a large intellectual property portfolio, which includes technologies that apply to a full range of products in the communications and consumer electronics markets, such as CDMA cell phones, laptop computers, wireless routers, gaming consoles, digital TVs, set-top boxes, digital video recorders, as well as wireline Internet access products and other equipment.The company's mission is to sign license agreements with all companies in the world who use its patented inventions and to selectively acquire new patents to ensure the company's long-term growth.

    Website: | Country: Canada
    Industry type: Value Added Services Providers
    Location Based Services (LBS), Timing & Synchronisation (T&S)