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    Provider of GPS receivers, modules, antennas, navigation tablets
    Manufacture solutions related to GPS/GNSS reference station systems, GPS/GNSS signal monitoring and observation systems, GPS/GNSS jammers and jamming monitoring systems and INS (Inertia Navigation Systems), which are necessary in the national defense, aviation, space, maritime, railroad and robot industries
    GNSS jamming detection

    Website: | Country: Korea, Republic of
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, Value Added Services Providers
    Road, Location Based Services (LBS), Rail, Aviation, Maritime, Mapping & Surveying, Agriculture, Defence/Public Utilities, SAR, Drones, Space, Timing & Synchronisation (T&S)
  • HR Smith

    Producer of products orientated towards civil and military aviation applications

    Website: | Country: Great Britain
    Industry type: Component Manufacturers
    Aviation, Defence/Public Utilities, SAR

    Manufacturer of SAR beacons

    Website: | Country: Germany
    Industry type: Systems Integrators
  • UAB GPS Partneris

    Aviation and SAR focused solutions

    Website: | Country: Lithuania
    Industry type: Value Added Services Providers
    Aviation, SAR