System Status

The Galileo system is comprised of numerous components, including the satellites in space, a ground segment spread across several locations, receiver manufacturers, the downstream market and the end user. 

Constellation Status


 Mission Name 

 Launch Date 

 Satellite Name 


 Sat. 18   Galileo Sat 15 - 18   17.11.2016   GSAT0214   In-Orbit Test ongoing 
 Sat. 17   GSAT0213 
 Sat. 16   GSAT0212 
 Sat. 15   GSAT0207 
 Sat. 14   Galileo Sat 13 & 14   24.05.2016   GSAT0211   Please, check operational
status here
 Sat. 13   GSAT0210 
 Sat. 12   Galileo Sat 11 & 12   17.12.2015   GSAT0209 
 Sat. 11   GSAT0208 
 Sat. 10   Galileo Sat 9 & 10   11.09.2015   GSAT0206 
 Sat. 9   GSAT0205 
 Sat. 8   Galileo Sat 7 & 8   27.03.2015   GSAT0204 
 Sat. 7   GSAT0203 
 Sat. 6   Galileo Sat 5 & 6   22.08.2014   GSAT0202 
 Sat. 5   GSAT0201 
 Sat. 4   IOV-2   12.10.2011   GSAT0104 
 Sat. 3   GSAT0103 
 Sat. 2   IOV-1   21.10.2011   GSAT0102 
 Sat. 1   GSAT0101 
 GIOVE-B     27.04.2008   GSAT002   Retired 
 GIOVE-A     28.12.2015   GSAT001   Retired 

Use the links below to discover more about the many components working together to make Galileo a reality.

GNSS Service Centre (GSC)

The European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) is an integral part of the European GNSS infrastructure that provides the single interface between the Galileo system and the users of the Galileo Open Service (OS) and the Galileo Commercial Service (CS).

Constellation Information

General information and status updates on all the satellites operating within the Galileo constellation.

Orbital and Technical Parameters

Information about the reference orbits and technical parameters for each Galileo satellite. 

Active user notifications

All information relating to Active User Notifications (NAGUs)

Archived user notifications

Archived information relating to all past user notifications (NAGUs)

NAGU Information

Information pertaining to both NAGU Specific and NAGU General notice advisories to Galileo users.

Almanac data

Database of current and all past almanac data reports.

Almanac Information

Parameters and definitions in regards to Galileo almanac data. 

Updated: Dec 01, 2016