Closed job opportunities

Reference Description Related documents Deadline Status
GSA/2016/933 Operations and Maintenance Manager (TA AD9)

Vacancy Notice 01/11/2016 Procedure closed
GSA/2016/934 Operations Engineer (TA AD7)

Vacancy Notice 01/11/2016 Procedure closed
GSA/2016/553 Technical Requirements and Projects Officer (TA AD5)

Vacancy Notice 31/10/2016 Procedure closed
GSA/2016/540 Operations Analyst (TA AD7)

Vacancy Notice 27/10/2016 Procedure closed
GSA/2016/571 Galileo Security Engineer (TA AD7)

Vacancy Notice 20/09/2016
Extended until: 04/10/2016
Procedure closed
GSA/2016/930 Galileo Service Monitoring/Standardisation Engineer (TA AD7)

Vacancy Notice 12/09/2016
Extended until: 26/09/2016
Procedure closed
GSA/2016/170 Programme Manager for Galileo Exploitation (TA AD12)

Vacancy Notice 01/09/2016 Procedure closed
GSA/2016/931 Galileo Senior Operations Engineer (TA AD8)

Vacancy Notice 16/08/2016
Extended until: 19/09/2016
Procedure closed