Advanced Galileo Navigation System for Asphalt Fleet Machines

Background & Objectives

The road building process can be optimised with the help of intelligent positioning systems which will save a lot of money, increase the longevity of roads while making them more comfortable, and reduce traffic jams and air pollution. There will also be additional secondary benefits, as well as documentation and quality tools for construction companies and authorities.

Why this project is important for EGNOS/GSA/SatNav?

High precision positioning applications can improve the overall workflow and help by increasing the standard of European road infrastructure.


Improving evenness, segregation (temperature), compaction and thickness of the asphalt material in order to improve road quality and longevity.

How does it work?

The whole road construction process chain is improved by intelligent on-site communicating systems. By exchanging data along with positions, all applications can be combined in a single new system with major advantages for logistics and overall quality of work.

Next Steps

Further dissemination of the project idea and bringing system parts to market, finding long-term partners for future cooperation and reaching standards for quality improving systems shown within ASPHALT.

Marcus Watermann
Kapellenstr. 15
65555 Offheim
GSA Project Officer: 
Marco Detratti
Total Cost: 
1 349 681 €
EU Contributions: 
1 018 072 €
Project Call: 
FP7 3rd Call
Contract Number: 

Work performed & results

Demonstrations based on existing GNSS took place in 2012 and successfully showed the major potential of these systems. The first devices which will be part of these systems in the future are already on the market and further outcomes of the project will be implemented and realised.

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Updated: Oct 11, 2018