Galileo Security Monitoring Centre

The GALILEO SECURITY MONITORING CENTRE (GSMC) is an integral part of the Galileo infrastructure. It undertakes the following missions:

1. Galileo Security Monitoring: monitoring and taking action regarding security threats, security alerts and operational status regarding the systems components.

2. Management of the PRS access on system level: The GSMC will ensure that sensitive information relating to the use of PRS is suitably managed and protected and is not exposed to the Galileo Operating Centre. The GSMC shall be an interface with governmental entities (through computerized ‘Point of Contract Platforms’ - POCPs) for request of cryptographic keys and with the Galileo core components to manage the satellite related signal messages.

3. Implementation of “Joint Action” instructions: In the event of a threat to the security of the European Union or of a Member State arising from the operation or use of the system, or in the event of a threat to the operation of the system, in particular as a result of an international crisis, the Council, acting unanimously, shall decide on the necessary instructions to the GSA and the concession holder of the system.

4. Provide PRS and Galileo security expertise and analysis.