GNSS Project Portfolio


GIANT GNSS introduction in the aviation sector [FP6 - 2nd Call]
GIANT-2 EGNOS Adoption in the Aviation Sector [FP7 - 1st Call]
HEDGE Helicopters Deploy GNSS in Europe [FP7 - 1st Call]
ACCEPTA ACCelerating EGNOS adoPTion in Aviation [FP7 - 2nd Call]
CLOSE SEARCH Accurate and safe EGNOS-SoL navigation for UAV-based low-cost SAR operations [FP7 - 2nd Call]
FilGAPP “Filling the gap” in GNSS Advanced Procedures and operations [FP7 - 3rd Call]
HEDGE NEXT Helicopter Deploy GNSS in Europe – NEXT [FP7 - 3rd Call]
LOGAM Low cost GNSS attitude and navigation system with inertial MEMS aiding [FP7 - 3rd Call]
SHERPA Support on Pre-operational Actions in GNSS [FP7 - 3rd Call]

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FieldCopter FieldCopter GPS-EGNOS based Precision Agriculture using unmanned aerial vehicles [FP7 - 3rd Call]
GEOPAL GNSS-based Planning system for Agricultural Logistics [FP7 - 3r Call]
UNIFARM GNSS User Forum on Navigation based Innovation for Farmers [FP7 - 3rd Call]

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ADvantis ADvantis: A centralised guaranteed integrity localisation service - a key for the EGNOS and Galileo business model (ADvantis) [FP6 1st Call]
VeRT Vehicular Remote Tolling [FP6 1st Call]
GIROADS GNSS introduction in the road sector [FP6 2nd Call]
M-TRADE Multimodal Transportation supported by EGNOS [FP6 2nd Call]x.
LMHC-TTCS Free traffic-toll collection system with protection of personal data - including passenger monitoring system [FP6 2nd Call]
MENTORE Implementation of GNSS tracking and tracing technologies for EU regulated domains [FP6 3rd Call]
GINA GNSS for INnovative road Applications [FP7 1st Call]
GSC GNSS-enabled Services Convergence [FP7 1st Call]
GALAPAGOS GALileo-bAsed seamless and robust Positioning Applications for loGistics Optimation proceSses [FP7 1st Call]
GSW Galileo Speed Warning [FP7 1st Call]
SIGNATURE Simple GNSS Assisted and Trusted Receiver [FP7 1st Call]
SCUTUM SeCUring the EU GNSS adopTion in the dangeroUs Material transport [FP7 2nd Call]
COVEL Cooperative Vehicle Localization for Safe and Sustainable Mobility [FP7 2nd Call]
GNSSmeter GNSS-based metering for vehicle applications and value added road services [FP7 2nd Call]
ERSEC Enhanced Road Safety by integrating Egnos-Galileo data with on-board Control system [FP7 2nd Call]
GENEVA Galileo / EGNOS Enhanced Driver Assistance [FP7 2nd Call]
PUMA Precise and secUre autoMative trAcking [FP7 2nd Call]
DETECTOR Detection, Evaluation and Characterisation of Threats to Road applications [FP7 3rd Call]
Easy-OBU Enhanced (EGNOS/EDAS) Accuracy SYstem with GNSS Outage Bridging Unit [FP7 3rd Call]
GAIN GAIN - Galileo for Interactive Driving [FP7 3rd Call]
OCD OpenCarData [FP7 3rd Call]
QualiSaR Development of a Qualification Procedure for the Usage of Galileo Satellite Receivers for Safety Relevant Applications [FP7 3rd Call]
TACOT Trusted Multi-Application Receiver for Trucks [FP7 3rd Call]
TAXISAT A new TAXI application guided by SATellite [FP7 3rd Call]

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SCORE Service of Coordinated Operational emergency and Rescue using EGNOS [FP6 1st Call]
AGILE Application of Galileo in the LBS Environment [FP6 2nd Call]
CUSPIS Cultural heritage space identification system [FP6 2nd Call]
TWIST Tourist-Wide Infrastructure supported by Satellite Technology [FP6 2nd Call]
ALIS A proposal for the development of an At-sea Location Information Service [FP6 2nd Call]
GUTD GNSS and UMTS Technology Demonstrator [FP6 2nd Call]
LOCCATA Location-based and context-aware multimodal mobile hiking guide [FP6 2nd Call]
SPESSS Special Event Support by Satellite System [FP6 2nd Call]
BEAR Bear Ethology Around Romania [FP6 2nd Call]
TGR Application of Turbo Techniques to GNSS Receivers [FP6 2nd Call]
OPTI-TRANS Optimised Transport System for Mobile Location Based Service [FP7 1st Call]
IEGLO Infrastructure-based EGNOS/Galileo receiver for personal mobility [FP7 1st Call]
ImaGeo ImaGeo: Accurate geotemporal coding in Photos [FP7 1st Call]
MetaPos MetaPos: a meta-service integrating diverse position determining technologies for LBS [FP7 1st Call]
TIGER Trusted GNSS Receiver [FP7 1st Call]
LIVELINE Live ICT Services Verified by EGNOS to find Lost Individuals in Emergency situations [FP7 2nd Call]
PERNASVIP PERsonal NAvigation System for Visually disabled People [FP7 2nd Call]
LS4P Livesailing For Professionals [FP7 2nd Call]
INCLUSION Innovative LBS for social/public dimension [FP7 2nd Call]
ATLAS Autenticated Time and Location for Location Based Application and Services [FP7 2nd Call]
SMART-WAY Galileo based navigation in public transport systems with passenger interaction [FP7 2nd Call]
CEWITT Low Cost and low Energy GNSS-based WIreless Tag for asset Tracking and monitoring [FP7 - 3rd Call]
I-GOing Setting the path for mass market use of Indoor Galileo Operations [FP7 - 3rd Call]
POSSUM Position-based Services for Utilities Maintenance teams [FP7 - 3rd Call]
STON Security Technologies based on location [FP7 - 3rd Call]
WalkEGNOS WalkEGNOS: a social web 2.0 mapping solution generating and leveraging on the brand EGNOS Certification Inside [FP7 - 3rd Call]

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Education, innovation and support

ProDDAGE Programme for the Development and Demonstration of Applications of Galileo and EGNOS [FP6 1st Call]
GEM Galileo mission implementation [FP6 1st Call]
ERIG (ESYS) Education, Research and Innovation in GNSS [FP6 3rd Call]
PEGASE Provision of Expertise to GSA And Support to Enabling activities [FP7 1st Call]
GACELA GALILEO Centre of Excellence for Latin America [FP7 1st Call]
SEAGAL South East Asia centre on European GNSS for international cooperation And Local development [FP7 1st Call]
G-TRAIN G-TRAIN: Supporting Education and Training in GNSS [FP7 2nd Call]
GAINS Galileo Advanced INnovation Services [FP7 2nd Call]
GENIUS GNSS Education Network for Universities and Industries [FP7 3rd Call]
SUNRISE Strengthening User Networks for Requirement Investigation and Supporting Entrepreneurship [FP7 3rd Call]
AiA Awareness in Africa: Disseminating Knowledge on EGNOS and Galileo in Africa to Foster Local and Regional Development [FP7 3rd Call]
CALIBRA Countering GNSS high Accuracy applications Limitations due to Ionospheric disturbances in Brazil [FP7 3rd Call]
EEGS2 EGNOS extension to Eastern Europe: Applications [FP7 3rd Call] GNSS in Asia - Support on International Activities [FP7 3rd Call]
G-NAVIS Growing NAVIS [FP7 3rd Call]
SATSA SBAS Awareness and Training for South Africa [FP7 3rd Call]

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Other transport

MARGAL Maritime GALILEO - Seamless harmonised services for ports and inland waterways [FP6 1st Call]
GRAIL GNSS introduction in the rail sector [FP6 2nd Call]
MARUSE Maritime user segment [FP6 2nd Call]
GRAIL-2 GNSS-based ATP System for Railway Low Density Lines [FP7 2nd Call]
SafePort Safe Port Operations using EGNOS SoL Services [FP7 2nd Call]
CoSuDEC Coastal Surveying of Depths with EGNOS to Enhance Charts [FP7 2nd Call]
GaLoROI Galileo Localization for Railway Operation Innovation [FP7 3rd Call]
GLOVE Joint Galileo Optimization and VANET Enhancement [FP7 3rd Call]
GSP Galileo Signal Priority [FP7 3rd Call]
MEDUSE Marine Park Enhanced applications based on Use of integrated GNSS Services [FP7 3rd Call]
SATLOC Satellite based operation and management of local low traffic lines [FP7 3rd Call]

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GARDA Galileo user Receiver Development Activity [FP6 1st Call]
GAMMA Assisted Galileo/GPS/EGNOS Mass Market Receiver [FP6 2nd Call]
GREAT Galileo Receiver for the mass [FP6 2nd Call]
GR-POSTER Galileo Ready Positioning Terminal [FP6 2nd Call]
ARTUS Advanced Receiver Terminal for User Services [FP6 2nd Call]
SWIRLS Galileo professional receiver development [FP6 2nd Call]
MAGIC Management of Galileo Interferences and Counter Measures [FP6 2nd Call]
SOPHA Software Receiver with Enhanced Integrity Concept on PDA for Safety Critical Hand-held Applications [FP6 2nd Call]
PRECISIO Professional Receivers via Software Radio [FP7 2nd Call]
ART-X Advanced Receiver Terminal Extension to Technoly and Market Evolution [FP7 2nd Call]
ATENEA Advanced Techniques for Navigation Receivers and Applications [FP7 2nd Call]

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Precision, professional and scientific applications

GIGA Galileo Integrated Georeference Applications [FP6 2nd Call]
MONITOR Land surveying and civil engineering monitoring [FP6 2nd Call]
FIX_8 High-accuracy positioning using EGNOS and Galileo products [FP6 2nd Call]
GEOLOCALNET Innovative concepts for high-accuracy local geodetic networks [FP6 2nd Call]
GGPHI A low-cost, low-power Galileo/GPS carrier phase positioning system [FP6 2nd Call]
GRDB GRDB [FP6 2nd Call]
GREHDA GALILEO software Receiver for High Dynamic Applications [FP6 2nd Call]
HELICITY Precision helicopter guidance for cities and emergency support [FP6 2nd Call]
IADIRA Inertial Aiding Deeply Integrated Receiver Architecture [FP6 2nd Call]
POSIRIS Positioning with Impulse Radio Improving Satellite [FP6 2nd Call]
WARTK-EGAL WARTK based on EGNOS and Galileo: technical feasibility study [FP6 2nd Call]
FIELDFACT Introduction and promotion of GNSS in agriculture [FP6 2nd Call]
GEO6 Science with GNSS [FP6 2nd Call]
HARMLESS HARMLESS: Humanitarian aid, emergency management and law enforcement support applications [FP6 2nd Call]
GLECIA Ground Local Elements for Continuity Improvement on Airports [FP6 2nd Call]
HPLE High Precision Local Element [FP6 2nd Call]
NAVELEC Innovative Application of European GNSS for a better Synchronization of Electrical Power Transport Networks [FP6 2nd Call]
POP-ART Precise Operation Positioning for Alpine Rescue Teams [FP6 2nd Call]
SARHA Sensor-Augmented EGNOS/Galileo Receiver for Handheld Applications in urban and indoor environments [FP6 2nd Call]
GRAL GSPF Reference Application Line [FP6 2nd Call]
VASER Visual Awarness System for Emergency Response [FP6 2nd Call]
ISIS Internet-based Station Investigation Service [FP6 2nd Call]
MAGES Mature Applications of Galileo for Emergency Scenarios [FP6 3rd Call]
HARRISON Timing and synchronisation [FP6 3rd Call]
GalileoCast Innovative Forecast and Broadcast Applications with Galileo [FP7 1st Call]
MOW-BY-SAT MOWing the lawn BY SATelitte [FP7 1st Call]
GOLDEN-ICE ImprovinG the efficiency Of saLt-spreaDing (de-icing) sErvices and emergeNcy call managment on winter professional vehiCles using Egnos [FP7 2nd Call]
CIGALA Concept for Ionospheric-Scintillation Mitigation for Professional GNSS in Latin America [FP7 2nd Call]
ENCORE Enhanced Code Galileo Receiver for Land Management in Brazil [FP7 2nd Call]
ASPHALT Advanced Galileo Navigation System for Asphalts Fleet Machines [FP7 2nd Call]
SX5 Scientific Service Support based on GALILEO E5 Receivers [FP7 2nd Call]
I2GPS Integrated Interferometry and GNSS for Precision Survey [FP7 2nd Call]
COSMEMOS COoperative Satellite navigation for MEteo-marine MOdelling and Services [FP7 3rd Call]
E-TRACK EGNOS and EDAS Enhanced Tracking of Animal Movement and Behaviour [FP7 3rd Call]
GAL Galileo for Gravity [FP7 3rd Call]
Handheld Handheld device with innovative compact antenna for professional GNSS applications [FP7 3rd Call]

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ARMOURS Antenna and Front-End Modules for Public Regulates Service applications [FP7 3rd Call]
PREMISE PRS receivers with EMbedded hardware Intrinsic Security Enhancements [FP7 3rd Call]
ULTRA Ultra Low Cost PRS Receiver [FP7 3rd Call]

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System infrastructure & evolution

GILT Galileo Initiative for Local Technologies [FP6 1st Call]
GARMIS GAlileo Reference Mission Support [FP6 2nd Call]
GAC Galileo Advanced Concepts [FP6 2nd Call]
FIDELITY Implementation of Galileo time service provider prototype [FP6 2nd Call]
GGSP (GFZ) Implementation of Galileo Geodesy Service Provider prototype [FP6 2nd Call]
GISAR Galileo Implementation of Search And Rescue Interfaces [FP6 2nd Call]
PROGENY Provision of Galileo Expertise, Networking and support for International Initiatives [FP6 2nd Call]
GALILEA Galileo local element augmentation system [FP6 2nd Call]
GALOCAD Development of a GALILEO Local Component for the nowcasting and forecasting of Atmospheric Disturbances affecting the integrity of high precision Galileo applications [FP6 2nd Call]
IRC2G Integration of a Regional Component to the Galileo Global component - with demonstrations in Europe and China [FP6 2nd Call]
QGN Quantification of the potential threat to Galileo from man-made Noise sources [FP6 2nd Call]
GADEM Galileo Atmospheric Data Enhancement Mission [FP6 2nd Call]
MTTS Multi-modal Tracking and Tracing Service centre [FP6 2nd Call]
EEGS EGNOS Extension to Eastern Europe [FP7 2nd Call]
ESESA EGNOS Service Extension to South Africa [FP7 2nd Call]
SIRAJ SBAS Implementation in the regions ACAC and ASECNA [FP7 2nd Call]
GSARSED GALILEO SAR Service Early Demonstration [FP7 2nd Call]