Management Team

Carlo des Dorides, Executive Director

As Executive Director of the GSA, Mr. des Dorides sets the vision of the Agency and ensures that the GSA is well placed to accomplish its mission of supporting the effective operation, maintenance and security of the Europe’s satellite navigation systems, while guaranteeing optimal service levels and developing applications and services that ensure the satellites benefit end users.  

Mr des Dorides has almost three decades of experience managing space service focussed teams. Most recently, he had key management responsibilities at the European Commission and was responsible for the definition of the Galileo/EGNOS exploitation phase and the EGNOS operational phase.

Before joining the Commission, Mr. des Dorides led the Concession Department at the European GNSS Supervisory Authority and served as Chief Negotiator of the Galileo Public-Private-Partnership/Concession contract at the Galileo Joint Undertaking.

Mr des Dorides’ career has focussed on program management and operations of advanced satellite systems. As Director of Programs and Engineering at ENAV, the Italian air navigation service provider, he was responsible for updating the technology of Italian airports and Area Control Centres. Prior to that he held several management positions in the aerospace private sector including Head of advanced telecommunication programs and Program Manager for major satellite telecommunication projects at Alenia Spazio. Within these organisations he managed a significant number of projects in the areas of contracts, procurement and service engineering.

Mr. des Dorides holds a degree in engineering from the University of Rome and an M.B.A. from CUOA, Vicenza, Italy.

Gian Gherardo Calini, Head of Market Development

Gian Gherardo Calini became GSA's Head of Market Development in December 2006. Prior to joining the GSA, he held senior marketing and business development positions in the transportation and service industries. He built his management experience working for McKinsey & Company, Procter and Gamble and Citibank, where he held marketing and business development positions. Mr. Calini holds a Master's Degree in Economics and Commercial Engineering from “La Sapienzia” University in Rome and a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD in Fontainebleau.

Horst Faas, GNSS Exploitation Program Manager

Horst Faas joined the GSA in July 2012 and has more than 23 years of experience in various large space projects. Mr. Faas previously worked as a Project Manager at the inter-governmental satellite organisation EUMETSAT in the development of complex ground systems. For more than 13 years he held various positions in industry, covering ground systems development and spacecraft systems engineering in earth observation and science projects. Since 2004 Mr. Faas has been involved in the Galileo project as Technical Manager of the Galileo Mission Segment at the industrial prime ESNIS GmbH and from 2008 onwards he held a senior management positions at Astrium GmbH, as Head of Navigation System Programs and as Project Manager of the Astrium Galileo system team. He was also involved in the EGNOS V3 phase A and phase B activities. He holds a German diploma degree in meteorology and completed a M.Sc. course in remote sensing at the University College London.

Jean-Marc Piéplu, EGNOS Exploitation Program Manager

Jean-Marc Piéplu has been an active contributor to the European GNSS programmes development since 1994. He took up his current position at the GSA in May 2012. Prior to this role, Mr Pieplu was the Galileo Project Officer at the European Commission between 2009 and 2012, in charge of the Galileo IOV and FOC deployment phase activities. Prior to that he worked as GSA Head of System Implementation between 2007-2009.  He previously worked at the European Space Agency and at Thales Alenia Space France, in charge of early Galileo Mission analyses, of the EGNOS Performance & Algorithms engineering, of the EGNOS Central Processing Facility Design and Development, of the Galileo System Engineering (at Galileo Industries in Rome) and of the Galileo Ground Mission Segment Design and Development. Mr. Piéplu graduated in 1989 from ISAE/Sup’Aéro (Aeronautics & Space Engineering diploma) in Toulouse, France and holds a MBA from IAE Toulouse, France.

Jeremie Godet, Head of the Security Department

Jeremie Godet joined the GSA as Head of the Security Department in 2013 after having served for about 10 years in the European Commission where he notably played an important role in the frame of the cooperation between the EU and the U.S. on GPS and Galileo. He also contributed over the past 15 years in establishing the foundations of the Galileo signals and services in particular the Galileo PRS, respectively in CNES, ESA, the European Commission and now in the GSA. Mr. Godet holds degrees from the French engineering school ENST in Brest and the International Space University in Strasbourg.

Olivier Crop, Head of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC)

Olivier Crop started his current role as Head of the GSMC in 2012 after being the Agency's Head of the GSA Security Department for 5 years. Prior to this role, Mr. Crop was in charge of the definition and implementation of the governmental applications of Galileo at the GSA, including the coordination with European institutions and Member States. He previously worked in France, from 2003, on research and development activities related to the specification and procurement of security studies for the governmental applications of Galileo, and, from 2000 to 2003, as the head of a GNSS laboratory providing expertise and test reports on GPS receivers. Mr. Crop has an engineering education and diploma in aeronautical and space domains from ENSICA in Toulouse, France.

Patrick Hamilton, Head of Project Control Department

With experience in particular from the European Commission and the UK Civil Service, Patrick Hamilton joined the GSA in 2013, becoming head of the newly created Project Control Department in 2014. He holds a Master of Physics degree from Oxford University and graduated in 2001.

Fernando Ramos, Head of the Finance Unit

Fernando Ramos was appointed Head of the Finance Unit of the European GNSS Agency in July 2012. He was previously Budget Officer for the GSA. Prior to joining the GSA, Fernando Ramos was part of the team in charge of setting up the European Supervisory Authorities for financial markets at the Directorate General of Internal Market and Services in the European Commission. Before working within the European institutions, Fernando Ramos was Advisor at the International Department of the Association of European Chambers of Commerce (Eurochambres) and worked for the Spanish Chambers of Commerce (2000-2003).

Olivier Lambinet, Head of Administration ( and acting Head of Legal Department)

With legal, corporate and administration experience gained in international private practice (Linklaters), Industry (Tyco) and the public sector (UN and EU) Olivier Lambinet joined the GSA in 2014 from the EASA


Donna Reay, Head of Communications

In 2009 Donna Reay became the Head of Communications for the GSA. From 2007 - 2009, Ms. Reay served as Communications Officer and Spokesperson for the agency. Previously, as Communications Officer for the European Commission’s Transport Research Directorate, she worked on a range of European transport and aerospace aspects, including European Space Policy, Security Research, and GMES (now Copernicus). Prior to her work within the European institutions, Ms. Reay worked as a communications consultant on a range of European research and technology initiatives in Brussels and held several communications management positions for private industry in the United States. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Florida and a Masters in International Relations from Boston University.

Andrea Zentrichova, Head of the Human Resources Department

Andrea Zentrichova was appointed Head of the Human Resources Department in February 2014 after being Acting Head of the Human Resources since 2012. She has 10 years of professional experience within the European Institutions. Previously she held a position of Project Training Officer at the European Agency for Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX, Warsaw). She was part of a team managing the development and implementation of the Common European Training Standards for border control personnel of all the Member States. Prior to this role, she worked as Human Resources Manager at the Council of the European Union in Brussels. She had been also in charge of organising open competitions during her three year engagement with the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) in Brussels. Ms Zentrichova holds a degree in Pedagogy, specialising in Andragogy, from the University of Jan Amos Komensky in Prague.

Fernando Navarro, Senior Manager, Office of the Executive Director

Fernando Navarro was appointed to the Office of the Executive Director in May 2012 with the mandate to oversee Special Projects, first one being assessing the Agency’s key processes and seeking an ISO 9001 standard Quality certification. Prior to joining the GSA Mr Navarro had initiated his career in the public/multilateral environment at The Word Bank in Washington DC. Mr Navarro had also held various management positions in private sector financial institutions, financing complex infrastructure and service projects result of close cooperation between private and public sectors. Mr Navarro complemented these experiences with public sector consultancy assignments, some of them involving the European Commission. Mr Navarro holds both Law and Business Administration degrees from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid (ICADE) and a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University (MPA2).

Administrative Board

Chairperson: Sabine Dannelke,Germany

Deputy Chairman: Christian Gaisbauer, Austria

Administrative Board Members


Christian Gaisbauer


Agnes Grandjean


Philip Kirev

Croatia Dinko Stanicic


George Komodromos

Czech Republic

Vaclav Kobera


Knud Elm-Larsen

ESA (Observer representative) Didier Faivre


Priit Soom

European Commission Daniel Calleja, Paul Flament, Christian Siebert

, Ekaterini Kavvada

European Parliament (non-voting representative) Antonio Tajani


Seija Miettinen-Bellevergue


Gael Scot


Sabine Dannelke


Ioanna Samprakou

HR (Observer representative) tba


Istvan Erenyi


Ethna Brogan


Roberto Ferrazza


Maris Andzans


Arturas Liatocha


Anne Blau


Philip Micallef

Norway (non-voting member)

Jo Heier


Justyna Romanowska


Albano Coutinho


Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu


Tibor Javor


Zlatko Podgorski


Pablo Vasquez


Thorwald Larsson

The Netherlands

Wim Ploeg


Imogen Ormerod

Security Accreditation Board

The Security Accreditation Board is composed of one voting representative per Member State, one representative from the European Commission, and one from the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. A representative of the European Space Agency shall be invited to meetings as an observer.

The Security Accreditation Board performs the tasks entrusted to the Agency with regard to security accreditation under Article 16(a)(i) of Regulation (EC) No 683/2008 and take ‘security accreditation decisions’ as provided for in Article 11 of (EU) No 912/2010, in particular on the approval of the security accreditation strategy and of satellite launches, the authorisation to operate the systems in their different configurations and for the various services, the authorisation to operate the ground stations and the sensor stations located in third countries, as well as the authorisation to manufacture receivers containing PRS technology and their components.

Chair: Jeremy BLYTH (UK)

Deputy Chair: Bruno Vermeire (BE)