Galileo Services

Galileo Services

The potential applications of satellite navigation are virtually limitless. Beyond the safety, efficiency and comfort that satnav brings to the transport sector, it will become a valuable tool for nearly all economic sectors.

Keeping track of where you are will be as important as knowing the time of day. Integration of satnav services with other technologies such as mobile communications or traditional navigation aids will multiply their usefulness.

Galileo will provide four basic satellite-only services to worldwide users.

  • Galileo Open Service (OS) – Free of charge for all users, featuring excellent positioning and timing performance.
  • Galileo Commercial Service (CS) – Access to two additional encrypted and guaranteed signals, delivering a higher data throughput rate and increased accuracy.
  • Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) – provides position and timing to specific users requiring a high continuity of service, with controlled access.

In addition, Galileo will form an important element of MEOSAR, the Medium Earth Orbit Search and Rescue system, and thus a key contributor to Cospas-Sarsat, the international satellite-based search and rescue distress alert detection and information distribution system.